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Makeup Blending

Our Soft and fluffy Applicator is great for your everyday makeup routine. Whether it’s a foundation, BB Cream or contouring cream the Applicator just blends everything perfectly giving a professional finished look. Wet your Applicator with some fresh water/rose water to get your makeup perfectly blended and get that glam finished look.

Baby Drool Bibs

No need to worry about your baby’s wet clothes, drooling habits and change of clothes every 15 mins. With the help of our ” Lady In Different Hats Baby Drool Bibs, your drooling baby will have an awesome day. Lady In Different Hats Baby Drool Bibs are made up of 100 % pure cotton and is hypoallergenic, your baby will stay clean and dry all day long.

Baby Muslin Swaddle

Motherhood is surely the most challenging phase of a women’s life as you forget about your own self and your child becomes the center of the universe. You want your baby to be safe, secure and protect your child from any harm and you try your best to give him the world. Do not worry, we are here to help you. We get your challenges!!!! Lady In Different Hats “Muslin Swaddle” blankets are Breezy, Comfy, Carefree & Easy on your baby’s skin. It is made up of 100% pure cotton and its natural breathable fabric makes your baby sleep comfortably and peacefully. This is a magic cloth for all mama’s and your baby will sleep like a pro :-).

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We know how women have to multitask all the time with variety of roles to play in her life and hence the name “Lady in different Hats”. We make things easy for her, by getting both beauty, baby essentials & Blogs all under one roof. We believe in delivering high quality products and bring to you cruelty free beauty and pure cotton baby products.

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