Growing up, I have seen my cousin’s life come to a standby mode, after they experienced the greatest joy of life of being a mother. I always used to wonder, why don’t they go out of their houses anymore?, why don’t they visit places or travel?, and why does everyone keep saying ‘the baby is too little to travel’?

Out of sheer inquisitiveness, I always used to trouble my mother with these questions and she always answered “When you become a mother, you will understand”. I am pretty sure you have heard this sentence quite often! This stuck in my head and I kind of told myself I am going to do things differently, when I become a mother. It’s easier said than done, motherhood is really difficult but the perks are immense. Every mother has a different situation and they have the right to take every decision regarding a travel, but my point here is mother’s should not succumb to the societal pressure. They should experience and then design a path.

I started travelling alone with my son, when he turned 1.5 month. I consulted his pediatrician, she checked his health record and told me there is absolutely no problem in travelling.

So, here are few tips from my personal experience, on how to travel on a flight with a baby alone and safely :

  1. Be Mentally Prepared

    If you have already passed the stage of societal pressure where people ask you not to go out with your baby at least for 2 months/6 months/1 year, then the next step is to prepare yourself mentally for the roller coaster ride. Your baby might poop, puke unexpectedly, especially if its his first travel, might cry and may not sleep at all. Whatever happens, you need to remain calm and handle things with a smile.

  2. PRE-Book Flight Seats

    Once you have booked the flight tickets, don’t forget to pre-book a seat of your choice which will make your journey much more hassle free on the day of travel. I like to take an aisle seat, it gets easy for me to constantly get out & go inside whenever my son is in a cranky mood, without disturbing any other passenger.

  3. Pack Food Items

    Pack enough food for your baby which will last for the whole journey. In fact I like to pack some extra food as a backup in case of need.

  4. Breastfeed

    Dont shy away from breastfeeding in public, if your baby is on exclusive breastfeeding. In fact, your baby will be much calmer during the trip if he is fed well. I have practically breastfed my baby in every public area possible, you just need to know few tricks and you are good to go!

  5. Pack extra clothes, Diapers and Medicines

    Extra clothes, diapers and medicines are a must and do keep it handy. If the journey duration is long, then do change diapers every 2 to 3 hours, just to make sure your baby is in a comfortable state. In case your baby has colic issues, then do carry the necessary medicines as prescribed by the doctor.

  6. Sleep Routine should not be disturbed

    Babies like to follow a defined routine, any deviation from the set routine might leave them irritated. Whenever i plan a travel, i try to choose a flight timing which matches his sleep timing. This way when the flight takes off, your baby is happy sleeping 🙂

  7. Stay Organized

    Once you board the plane, make sure you make your baby sit and in the meanwhile, arrange milk bottles, food items inside the seat pocket. This will help you to quickly attend to your baby with food items, during takeoff and landing.

  8. Follow the safely instructions

    Listen to the safety instructions carefully and try to follow them, this will make your journey much easier. Also don’t hesitate to ask for help from the air-hostess and co-passengers if required.


    Hope these tips will make your travel a little smooth! Happy travelling 🙂

Posted by:Chitrangada Das


  1. Well done Chitrangada.You have given tips out of your experience.Not a bookish advise. Go on travelling with hour kid and share your experience. This will help mothers and would be mothers.Also share some photograph of your travel with your kid.

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