As Anna Eleanor Roosevelt profoundly said, “Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product”. Happiness & being content is every individual’s prime focus in life; but we often forget to concentrate on our habits, which are actually stealing our happiness.

Life is not a straight line and there will be ups and downs, but the down’s that are human mind created is not worth holding on to. Happiness is just like sand, we try to hold on to it but it slips away! We forget to look back and analyse, that although we are trying so hard but sometimes we lose it.

I have brought together 5 examples of human habit and lifestyle that takes happiness away, make a person stressed and discontent in life.

1. Being too selfless OR too selfish!

There are three kinds of people I have come across:

  • Too Selfless: People who constantly make other’s a priority, ignoring their own personal needs. They are so busy fulfilling and satisfying requirements, needs, and expectations of other people (like family, friends, and colleagues), that they completely forget their needs and end up being immensely unhappy. Sadly, I was a part of this community too!
  • Too Selfish: It’s not bad to think about your own self, in fact it’s very necessary for a healthy living, but ‘I ME & MYSELF’ attitude is certainly not cool. There are People who constantly take advantage of other’s for self-benefit and, when the turn comes to return the favour they turn their backs. Although they get temporary happiness, but deep down they know what they have done, and this in turn makes them unhappy.
  • Balanced person: They are actually the happiest and the most content personalities, I have interacted in life.  They know how to balance it all. They are  absolutely selfless, when required. At the same time, withdraw from people, or gets self-indulged, if situation demands. They do not strive to impress anyone, gives importance to people, situations and finds happiness through it. I have started following this and trust me it really does make a lot of difference, in once attitude & state of mind.

2. The world says get that job because Pay-checks matter: If you are in a profession just to pay your bills, or following someone else’s footstep, or just to show-off to the world that you are earning money, then surely you are heading in the wrong direction. If you don’t find interest in your profession then your work will make you feel like a prisoner and eventually you will land up being unhappy. Settle for a work which will bring permanent happiness in your life.

3. Feeling of Hatred: Hatred makes you go blind, just like love does!  The only difference is hatred spreads negativity and love shows the positive side of the world. Hatred can build so many layers of judgement, misunderstanding and pride. It is so powerful that it controls our mind; it makes us forget the sole reason as to why this sentiment was born towards a person, and gives us hundred more negative reasons to carry forward this. The best way to avoid such feeling is to think about all the positive traits of that person; if still you feel hatred is dominating your soul, then just walk away and disconnect from people who create disputes inside you.

4. Always waiting for the perfect life: Life is indeed a fairy-tale, but a tale of imperfect moments. Moments are not really perfect, it’s you who decide what to make of those moments, good or bad! It is really unrealistic to set expectations like, a perfect life, perfect job, perfect wedding, and the perfect life partner. If someone has that disease called “PERFECT SYNDROME”, then surely they will never even reach closer to happiness and even lose out on those precious moments. Celebrating the imperfect moments of life and valuing them is what really makes me happy, and I try to find out perfection in the imperfections.

5.Worries: Worry is like a termite, it doesn’t look dangerous but a group of termites has the capacity to do severe structural damage on a home. Same way worry doesn’t look dangerous or menacing but too much of it surely can create havoc inside a human mind. Worry spoils your present day, but doesn’t change your future at all! Too much worrying will start eating up your mental and physical health, not to mention your hairs will start greying too! The Reasons which are worrying you now, won’t even matter to you after a year. Strange right? But it’s true! Few situations are not in our hands and everything won’t go as per our needs. So, the best thing I do is to let go off the worry and stop over analysing things. Once you do that, you will feel more empowered, happy and relaxed.

So, hope these reasons will give a reality check on your happiness status and will take you towards a happy fairy-tale life 🙂 🙂





Posted by:Chitrangada Das

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  1. Very interesting article. Gosh, if you would know how many negative people I met in my life. Good “boxing” system for people. I will follow your blog. You have very nice articles.

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