My two kids taught me a lot. Out of all the things that I have learnt, one of the basics that I have found to be a splendid way to build trust and bring in great wave of bonding between me and my baby is interaction and communication.

Playing with a baby is one of the minds refreshing and stress relieving activity anybody can have and the benefits of Playtime are:

Bonding With Parents
Tummy Time
  • Helps in the overall development of the baby.
  • Bonding with parents.
  • Mind develops exponentially with each play time.
  • Baby starts understanding the language and starts responding and expressing.

These are the following playtime ideas which I implemented and found them to be very beneficial and fun for both me and my baby:

  1. DANCE TIME: Just put on your favorite nursery music and start singing and dancing . You will be amazed to find how your baby is a born dancer and move like a pro 😊.
  2. VISUAL TIME: Smile, cry, laugh hilariously, roll your eyes and make faces of all sort. You can just be silly in front of your little one and no one will know. Your baby will absolutely love and giggle. The Best way to interact using your facial expressions is during bathing, feeding, dress and nappy changing sessions.
  3. STORY TIME: Its always better if you start early. Your baby can hold the book, touch and feel the book which will give him a different edge to his learning curve in terms of vocabulary understanding. Also, if that is an everyday practice your baby will love listening to stories when he/she hits the toddler age.
  4. TUMMY TIME: I think this is one of the best play time which every baby loves to practice. The more tummy time you offer your baby, the more confident he gets in holding his head high up and starts observing and exploring various objects and faces.
  5. TOUCHING TIME:  Try and offer all sort of objects, toys, books etc to your child to touch and feel the texture, shape, smell etc. Don’t restrict as it is very important for the development of a child, just make sure whatever you are offering is clean and hygienic. Introduce variety of colors (like red, white, black and green) and textures.
  6. FURRY PLAY TIME: This is totally optional and I don’t want to freak non pet parents out!!! But if you are a pet parent and have a new little baby at home, then surely introduce your pet to your baby. Just make sure your pet dog is vaccinated and is gentle in nature and non-arrogant towards children (Arrogant dogs are a big NO NO). Check with your veterinary and pediatric doctors for the all safety guidelines. Pet dog and baby interactions also provide a different learning experience for your baby, which will end up making your child kinder and more empathetic towards animal and nature from a very early age.  I found this to be one of the most useful playtime activities for both my kids and they just love the furry play time.

By implementing play time in baby’s everyday routine, the bonding with you and your baby will enhance and each day you will madly fall in love over and over again.

Just go crazy with your little one, have fun and Happy Play time!!

Posted by:Chitrangada Das

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  1. Excellent play ideas! Tummy time really I can relate to when I date back to my daughter’s tinytot days..keep writing…brilliant stuffs.

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