Fed up of Monsoons? You will be even more worried because of your skin post monsoon !

Weather changes are inevitable and so is our skin’s healthy status. The Autumn season or post monsoon season so to speak is one of the beautiful seasons on earth with the leaves shedding and cool breeze; but can really make your skin dry, flaky and unhealthy. You will suddenly start feeling a tight and stretchy skin.

As skin is the exposing part of a human being, with every “season change” the skin gets effected the most. You need to see how your skin reacts to a specific season and then take the necessary plan of action for skin improvement.

Here are few steps which you can implement on your daily skin care routine to get a healthy and fresh-looking skin:

  1. HYDRATE: A dry climate can dehydrate your skin; less hydration can show wrinkles and fine lines. Drink as good as 10 to 12 glasses of water every day to get a natural moisturization. MASK: To boost the hydration of your skin use some antioxidant based hydrating masks which will rejuvenate your skin.

2. CLEANSER: Find a moisturizing cleanser of your choice which is mild and light.  This will moisturize & additionally hydrate the skin and will protect from any damage.

3. MOISTURIZER: Choose a deep penetrating moisturizer, which will help preventing dry patches on your skin.

4. EXFOLIATE: Since skin creates less oil post monsoon season, exfoliation becomes even more important. Exfoliating the skin gently will minimize the dark spots and will smoothen out skin tone.

5. LIP CARE: Do not avoid your lip. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips with the same scrub and moisturizer which you are using for your face to avoid dryness and dullness.

Skin takes times to adapt to any new care routine, so stick to it for a couple of weeks to notice visible changes.

Hope you will have a baby like fresh skin this season!

Happy Autumn 😊

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal experience and not a professional opinion. Consult a beauty professional and Check for any allergic reaction before trying out the remedies/products.

Posted by:Chitrangada Das

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