If you are into makeup stuffs, then you know how much important the “Blend Blend Blend” word is. Gone are the days when we try to blend the foundation with our hands and end up with a patchy/uneven face.

Here is when makeup sponge comes in to the picture. It is probably one of the greatest makeup inventions of all time and makes blending flawless.

Lady In Different Hats “Makeup Blending Applicator” is your solution to all your makeup blending problems.


  1. Dry Makeup sponge can be used for applying foundation, BB cream, CC cream, contour creams and blush creams. But, wet usage of the sponge will save your cream and blend flawlessly.
  2. Wet your sponge before applying the foundation, squeeze out the excess water. This will absorb the product and makes blending easy breezy.
  3. Pour in some foundation/BB cream/ CC cream on the back of your hand, dab the beauty sponge and start blending the product on your face. Your makeup is done!

Tips to Choose the perfect Makeup Sponge

Well there are 1000’s of big and small brands which have launched there makeup sponges, and i am sure it is very difficult to find the right product. Just check the following qualities before buying your perfect makeup sponge:

  1. Makeup sponge should be made up of Latex Free material.
  2. It should be Hypoallergenic in nature.
  3. Box Holder / sponge holder should be in the deal, to store your sponge safe.
  4. Softness of the sponge.

Our Makeup Blending applicator has all the above qualities.

How to use a Makeup Sponge

How to Clean a Makeup Sponge

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