Every country has their own cultural system & norms. Our very own motherland India also has its versatile culture and many parenting techniques.

While raising both my new born, I had to face infinite number of comments, suggestion and advices from various people in the society.  Everyone with all good intentions tried to add in some value, but it is 2019 and things have changed a lot.

Many rules in the new born book, which our elder generations used to follow are invalid at this day and age. Rules of parenting and raising a new-born has changed.

 Here are few bizarre myths I had to face as a new mother:

  1. Put Breast Milk on Eyes and Ear for any infection:

This is one of the most bizarre tale and advice, I have ever received. Breast milk indeed has many nutrients/antibodies for development of a baby, and this helps only when the baby drinks it. Any external application of breast milk, like on ear/eye infection may lead to increase of the infection to a more serious level due to growth of bacteria.

2. Give Some water during baby hiccups:

Breastfed babies do not actually need any water till the time they start eating solid food, which is approximately six month onward. They get all the related mineral and nutrients from breast milk. Giving water can cause waterborne diseases which is highly dangerous.

3. Give a drop of honey to the painful gums & Teeth’s:

This is a very common myth, which almost every elderly in a household will suggest doing. Honey is a BIG NO NO for babies. Honey contains spores of bacterium called “Clostridium Botulinum”, which can germinate in baby’s digestive system causing a fatal illness called “Botulism”.

4. Wrap baby with a Thick Blanket because baby might catch cold:

Overwrapping a baby or just covering up with thick blanket can cause overheating & suffocation. Over heating will lead to skin rashes. Best way to swaddle baby is to use light weight pure cotton-based material, which will help your baby’s skin to breath.

5. Kala teeka “the saviour”:

 Not to hurt any one’s sentiment, but this is one of the biggest myths in India. Scientifically and logically there’s no proof of a “kala teeke” creating miracles, but parents become protective of there child and uses it as a safety reassurance. It is a parent’s personal choice whether to follow /unfollow and shouldn’t succumb to societal pressure.

It is always good to take in value adding suggestion, but the only way to survive the bizarre myth situation and unwanted advice from this society, is to just trust your instincts; because you know the best for your child.

Happy Parenting!!!

Posted by:Chitrangada Das

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