Growing up, tweezing eyebrows/threading was such a big deal. Filling up eyebrow was never even in the fashion agenda of 90’s. If you see the movies back then, even actresses had no clue about their eyebrow styling. Fast forward to 2019, suddenly filling eyebrow is everywhere, and apparently it’s an IN thing.

With a well-groomed eye brow your day is saved. You do not need a dozens of makeup products to look beautiful. You just need to frame your beautiful face with your beautiful eyebrows and that is it!

Past few days, I have been reviewing/linking few beauty products & posting on my regular blogs . It is a continuous effort to bring in genuine reviews, so that its an easy buy for the readers w.r.t price & quality.  Each of the products are personally used and then honest reviews are posted.

Here are the three eyebrow products review:

  1. L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit

This is an art of brows really made easy and my personal favorite. This product’s formula is such that it provides an all-natural eye brow look and also a heavily bold brows with ease. It stays on up till a mark of 12 hours, which is huge! An angled & Spooled brush is available in the kit. The Angled eye brush makes the application of the product more precise and perfect.

Judgement: This product is a little overprice, but actually worthy of the work it does with eyebrows. The product is compact, lasts really long and creates magic with your eye brows.

Buy Here:

2. Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper

In a pencil shape form the product is economical as well as fantastic in its performance. It gives a naturally defined and softer fuller eyebrow.

Basically, it has two parts, one end has a 2MM Slim-Tip Pencil for an easy & precise control and the end of the pencil provides a soft fuller looking eye brow.

Judgement: Absolutely pocket friendly and a everyday staple product.

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3. Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit 

The kit includes tweezers, brow brush, 2 brow powders, and 1 brow setting wax. The deal seems very economical with the price it offers. It also includes an inbuilt mirror.

Judgement: The brow brush did not work for me; it was a little inconvenient to apply the product. The product also did not set well.Not a big fan!

Buy Here:

You are absolutely beautiful just the way you are and no product defines your beauty. But if you feel good applying these products and feel confident about yourself, then why not use them!!!

Just love yourself!

Let me know which one is your go to Eyebrow kit !

Posted by:Chitrangada Das

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  1. I loved the loreal genius eye brow kit!
    Will try the Maybelline one as well.
    Thanks for your honest reviews 👍👍

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