The other day, I went for a family new-year dinner in an up-class restaurant in town. The next table was occupied by a very well-dressed urban couple and their three kids. The Mushy gushy family was quietly having dinner.

As I was watching the kids jumping around and trying to interact with my kids, a waiter approached their table to serve food. The waiter started serving and suddenly a piece of paneer tikka slipped and landed on the father’s lap. Immediately his reaction was very loud, his face became red hot and the next scream that came out of his mouth is “ARE YOU MAD? CAN’T YOU SEE ANYTHNG??”. Following her father’s foot step, the girl started singing “MAD WAITER UNCLE…. MAD WAITER UNCLE ♫♫ ♫”.

Those words just struck me and penetrated my soul. At that moment, it occurred to me how much our kids get impacted and inspired by our behavior. They start mirroring every nature trait of parents.

I was watching an interview of Dr.Madhu Chopra ( Mother of Pryanka Chopra). When Priyanka Chopra was 6-7 years, Dr Chopra asked her to do some chores and she said “Can’t you see, I am busy”. Dr. Chopra said “That time I realized that she is just copying whatever I tell her. Usually I say those words while i am working. She just happen to continuously tell the same thing back to me. I realized I am doing something wrong”.  Such a strong message from her, and now she has done many things right as a parent, which has turned Priyanka Chopra to be the compassionate global star!

We can try and do many things, which our kids can learn from us and become compassionate and kind:

  1. Be kind, generous and compassionate to other people in day to day life.
  2. Watch our tone and anger.
  3. Watch our actions which may cause unnecessary bizarre reactions.
  4. Try to be the exact person, which we dream that our child should become.
  5. Try to take your child to an orphanage or old age home and show them the door to the less fortunate world. Unknowingly they will inculcate many values, compassion and kindness.
  6. Be generous and kind towards animals.

We love our children and they love us back. We show compassion and kindness to the world, they will give compassion and kindness back to you and to the world. Imagine how wonderful our world will be !

Happy Parenting!!!!

Posted by:Chitrangada Das

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