Flip through fashion magazines or check out a beauty blog, you are likely to get a ton of advice, from how long a lipstick will last to how many times we should brush our hair at night. Surprisingly, these genius beauty tricks are either inaccurate or just plain wrong. I too have been following the beauty tricks I read on the internet, some of them do work but most of them don’t.

Read on to learn the truth behind beauty lies and what works.


There is a popular belief that rubbing Vitamin E oil onto the scars can help them heal or reduce visibility. Vitamin E is filled in every formulation of every ointment which is easily available on stores, and to top it all they claim to clear all sort of marks/scars. However, the scar busting properties of Vitamin E are overstated. One of the largest studies to investigate the claim was published in 1986, a group of American scientists followed a group of 159 people who had suffered burns injuries. One group was given Vitamin E while the other was administered with regular cream. People who used Vitamin E showed no noticeable improvement in the size, thickness or appearance of their scars. Need I say more?


Most of the time, people are brainwashed into buying skincare products that are believed to be suitable for the individual age group. I use to think the same and buy products suitable for my age; however, this is not true. Think about it, clogged pores are a problem not only faced by people in their 20s but also those in their 40s and 50s. Similarly, dry skin isn’t just a problem in the middle age; many youngsters do suffer from dry skin. So look for skincare products with skin type, not just age-specific.


A common hair misconception, brushing your hair 100 times will make them shiner. Your hair is dead and brushing that much can strip the natural oils, break brittle hair, and increase static electricity. Also, too many strokes damage hair follicles. So be gentle on your tresses and just brush your hair normally and only when needed.


First, the term age spot is a misnomer. They are freckles or brown spots and are not a result of age, they are a result of years of unprotected sun exposure. Sunspots can show up at any age, from the spots sprinkled across the child’s nose to smooth flat brown discolorations seen on a 20 years old’s face. Treating sun-induced discolorations do not require a specialty product but proven ingredients with daily sun protection to evade the spots. 


This is one of the most common misconceptions that people need to stop believing. Experts say that our face is exposed to the sun more than the wrist and hence more vulnerable to tanning. So while the foundation might match the wrist, it might be a shade or two lighter than the face and will make your face look grey and cakey. Instead of trying the foundation on the wrist, try it on your jawline and buy the appropriate shade for your skin.

Now you know what beauty myths you’ve got to leave behind. Leave your comments below on what you think or share other beauty myths with us.

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