Most moms go crazy, when there baby hits the 6 month mark. They go around asking friends, family about a 6 months old meal plan and surely stalk every possible mom blogger on the internet.

I hear you, since i did the same when my munchkin turned 6 months. Young children need nutritious food every day to grow healthy, strong, and smart. At around 6 months old, your little one is growing quickly and needs more energy and nutrients. However, breast-milk is still a vital source of nutrition, but it is not enough by itself. This is the right time to introduce solid foods to keep up with the growing needs of your baby. 

Introducing solid food is an exciting time for you and your baby as their taste buds are developing and they love new tastes and textures. When I first introduced my little baby with solid foods, she liked pumpkin the most and the following week she entirely denied eating it.  


  • Ensure to introduce solids in between the nursing routine, so that your baby continues to benefit from breast-milk.
  • I call it the three day rule- Introduce one particular food (say mashed bananas) and wait for three days. Watch and observe, whether there are any allergy issues or stomach issues related to the food. Generally any minor stomach related issues subside by three days and you can continue feeding the food safely.
  • In case of any allergy issues, completely stop that particular food which is causing the allergy and meet your pediatrician for more information and medication.


When your little bundle of joy is 6 months old, they are just learning to chew. Their first solid food needs to be soft, so that it is easy to swallow and feed only when you see signs that they are hungry like “putting hands in the mouth”. You should feed your baby just two to three spoonful of soft food, twice a day. This is because at this age, your baby’s stomach is small and they can eat only smaller amounts. 

I am sharing some food recipes which my baby loved:


Bananas are the favorite first food for babies due to its delicious taste, less allergenic nature and creaminess. They are rich in nutrients and fill your little ones tummy for a long time and helps in healthy weight gain.


Banana – 1

Breastmilk/Formula milk– 1 tbsp.


Peel the banana and cut it into small sized pieces. Place it in a sterilized bowl and mash it well with fork or masher. Add breast-milk/formula milk/water and mix well until you get a creamy consistency. You can also blend the bananas in a blender with milk to get a fine puree. Feed your baby with a sterilized spoon. Yummy isn’t it ?


Pumpkins are a powerhouse of vitamin A and beta-carotene as well as high in protein & iron. Babies will love pumpkin for its sweetness.


Ripe Pumpkin – ½ cup chopped

Water – As needed ( Use Boiled water)


Wash the pumpkin properly, then peel the skin and remove the seeds. Chop it into small sizes and steam it for 15 minutes or until they are soft and transparent. Let it cool down and blend with a little water in the blender to a smooth paste.  Deliciaso !!!


Carrot makes great first food for babies as it’s less likely to cause allergies. Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A, C and beta carotene, and are very easy to digest.  


Carrot – 1 medium-sized

Water – As needed (Use Boiled water)


Wash the carrot and peel off the skin. Chop it into small cubes and steam it in a steamer until soft. Let it cool and then add in a blender with the required amount of boiled water and blend until desired consistency. 

The taste of new food may surprise your baby, so give them time to get used to these new foods and flavors. Be patient and don’t force your baby to eat. Watch for signs of a fuller stomach and feed accordingly.

Do not worry mommies, its not so scary as it sounds. Your baby will pick up eating habits faster than you think, and they will look forward to the meals you cook for them. Isn’t this what every mother want ?

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