The skin is a vital organ and plays a significant role in the functioning of our overall health. So taking good care of the skin is always necessary as well as paying attention to what you put on your skin without exposing it to unnecessary and harmful toxins. There are tons of skincare tricks and hacks, and thousands of skincare products all promising to offer you healthy and glowing skin. However, it doesn’t matter how good they are if your basic beauty routine is damaging your skin. Oh, you may have not given a thought to this, but it’s true.
I am sharing some facts about the skincare regime that will leave you with happy, healthy, and glowing skin.


In an ocean of endless skincare products, it can be hard to figure out which items are right for you. Everybody’s skin is different and is categorized into dry, normal, oily, and combination. When putting together a skincare routine and which products to use, know your skin type and then build a regimen that works best for you. Oily skin requires more frequent exfoliation while sensitive skin types need to take it easy on this skincare step. Meanwhile, combination skin types might need to use two separate moisturizers on different areas of the face, since the T-zone might be oily and cheeks might be dry. Remember, everyone is different and have different skincare needs.


Cleansing your face frequently throughout the day or using harsh cleansers can throw your skin off balance and cause breakouts. Washing face frequently can rip your skin off its natural oils and potentially dehydrating it. As a result, the skin will try to compensate for the lack of moisture and produce even more oil that increases the risk of blocked pores, thus leading to breakouts. Additionally, using harsh cleansers can upset the skin’s water lipid-protein balance, weakening the defensive layer of your skin. This opens the way for bacteria to easily penetrate, thereby increasing the likelihood of a breakout. So, just wash your face twice a day, morning and evening using a mild cleanser.


If you’ve ever seen an aged woman and thought, “wow, she’s aged well”. Well, it is not necessarily down to fate or genetics. Dermatologists say that 90% of how our skin ages is within our control, yes 90%!! The ageing process is also linked to external factors, like sun exposure, pollution, facial expressions, smoking, and diet. It is essential that you wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater with 5-star UVA protection 365 days a year, rain or shine and maintain a healthy diet. 


If you use a lot of skincare products in a routine, there are chances you might be applying them in the wrong order. Doing so renders them ineffective or less effective, which is not really what you want if you’re spending a lot on these items. For instance, if you apply a new serum after your moisturizer, the serum will not be able to penetrate into the skin as moisturizer creates a barrier on the skin, which prevents the active ingredients present in the serum to reach the deeper layers of your skin. So, the right orders to apply your skincare products are Daytime Regimen – Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Eye Cream, Spot Treatment, Moisturizer, Face Oil, and Sunscreen. Nighttime Regimen – Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Eye Cream, Treatment Serums, Hydrating Mask or Face Oil, and Moisturizer.

These are some of the skincare facts that you need to be aware of. Also, it is important to take a look at your skincare routine and ensure you are following the right way and using the right products for your skin type. I recommend that you write down a skincare routine, so you can cross-reference your products and outline a skincare schedule.

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