Being a mother, it is very important for us to know each and every bit of our tiny ones. From what they like to what they hate, everything matters a lot for their well-being. If your baby is growing and has started eating solid food, then there are many things you need to know.

Babies often suffer from allergies which they inherit from their parents or develop them with time. It is necessary for you to know which type of allergy your child is suffering from. In this write-up, I will bring you across some of the very common food allergies which your baby can suffer from. Don’t you worry, allergies do not happen to every child and even if does they are absolutely curable with doctors help.

Cow’s Milk

It is the most likely causative for the allergy in babies. Some parents often confuse this with lactose intolerance which is the inability of an individual to digest milk. But it is actually the cow’s milk which creates a problem for them and not lactose intolerance. Therefore, you need to make sure that whenever you notice your child getting irritated or vomiting after drinking milk, take him/her to the pediatrician.



In the older times, parents were very strictly advised not to feed their kids eggs before they reach the age of 2. But this is no longer followed by people. So, if you are planning to make your baby eat egg, then make sure you feed the egg yolks first and then the egg whites.



The peanut allergy is very common amongst the tiny toddlers and can cause a serious fatal reaction. This is the main reason that mothers during the lactation time are not allowed to eat peanuts as this would also affect the child. So, the best treatment for peanut allergy is to avoid their use.



The wheat allergy is a response to one of the proteins which are found in the wheat. This affects the children to a large extent. If your baby is suffering from a wheat allergy, then they can show the symptoms of swelling, anaphylaxis, breathlessness, vomiting, skin rashes, and itching.



Uncooked Fish or any other seafood should never be your child’s food unless they are of five to six-year-old. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, one can introduce them to this food only when they are nicely cooked.



The soy allergies are also very common amongst the kids after cow’s milk allergy. Also, one should keep in mind that if your baby has a cow milk allergy, then they will surely be allergic to soy also. Therefore, make sure that you keep them away from the soy products and soybeans.


So, mommies, these were some products which actually cause allergy to the babies and can lead to a lot of problems for them. If you find any symptom which is unusual, stop feeding and take your baby to the pediatrician immediately.

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