Wrinkles and dark spots are the ageing signs, which every lady is scared of. Getting older is the truth of life, and we all are well aware of it. What if we tell you that there is a way of getting out of all these ageing signs? Tadaaa!! I have few very exciting and cool ways for getting younger and fresher looking skin.

So, ladies, let us start this blog with a bang and get back to your twenties skin. Get the golden period of your life back with these consistent tips.

Cleanse and Moisturize Regularly

Cleansing and moisturizing help in protecting and keeping the skin healthy. But very first you need to prohibit the use of regular basic soaps, as they can dry your skin. Use a cleanser instead, which washes away the dirt gently without making it dry and moisture-free. Also, avoid using skin toners, particularly those which have a strong alcohol base.


Sip in your Veggies

It’s suggested that all the adolescents, be it girls or boys need at least 5-10 portions of vegetables each day. For this, make smoothies of green veggies and fruits each morning to make your day right. Add in lots of minerals and vitamins to keep your body young by sipping this mixture of youth.


Drink Gallons of Water

Dehydration causes weakness, nausea and higher blood pressure. Henceforth, always carry a water bottle of at least a liter. This bottle is going to be a constant reminder for you. It will tell that you need to drink loads and loads of water. Since every metabolic process in your body needs water.


Meditation Sessions

You can take fifteen minutes a day and sit in a serene environment right before you go to bed. This can do wonder to your mental well-being and can improve the quality of your sleep. Always focus on taking deep breaths and concentrating on the present while you meditate.


Use less makeup

Avoid using heavy make-up, since it ages your face with the harmful chemicals in it. The continuous use of makeup affects our skin in a negative way, as it loosens it and also causes blemishes on the face. Therefore use a minimal amount of makeup on your pretty and valuable face.


Keep Moving!

Exercising is the key to being young and happy. When you go to the fitness center, always make sure to go with a purpose. Have a plan and a reason for doing those specific exercises. This increases your chances of adhering to your routine and provides you with motivation for staying healthy. Move as much as possible through out the day.


Hold on your Weight

You need to have healthy weight. Age-related gaining weight can be slow and progressive, but it can also lead to obesity. Later on, this can also increase the risk of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart-related problems.


Sleep and Snore!!!

Adults are required to sleep at least 6 hours every night. Not getting enough sleep does not only make you look weary but also reduces your life. If you lack energy, then it can actually cause you to age faster.


So, stop the hullabaloo of ageing and start with these simple habits. Be consistent in following them everyday and make it an everyday happy ritual and i bet you will stay healthy, happy and look & feel ever young!

Disclaimer: Blogs shared here are personal experiences and are not medical or professional advice of any kinds.

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