This blog is for all the mommies out there, since your baby is already about to be eight months old and has a lot to come. They are going to try their hard to push themselves up and stand on their feet. It is very normal that by this time your baby would have started gulping down mashed foods, as mine had already started that when he was 7 months old. This is the time when these little ones need attention as their teething phase would have also started consecutively.

One can say that this is the time when our babies are occupied with a lot of things. Crawling, standing, tooth eruption, and many other changes happening in their life. Amidst all this what they need is proper care and nourishment. During the time, when my child was growing; I had searched on various platforms and went through a lot of books for seeing what are the best items to add in the meal plan for my baby. They have been very helpful for me and this is why I want to share it with you.

So, mommies here we go!!!


It is the right time for swapping your child’s mashed potatoes with some small cubes of boiled veggies. I would suggest you add a variety of veggies in your baby’s meal plan. You can also make the very famous khichdi for them and add some boiled veggies in it. For me it was very obvious, that at the beginning my baby used to spit the veggies but then I started cutting them into very small pieces and then boiled them nicely before adding them into the khichdi. You can also do the same if your babies also avoids eating veggies.



Other than showing them fish on TV, it is the time for you to actually serve it in their plates. Hahaha!!! Yes, it is high time that you start serving them some protein for helping them build muscles so that they can start walking without falling down repetitively. Fish is the best, to begin with as it is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which is very good for growth and proper development of the brain. You can serve them with fish in the form of soup or puree. Consult your pediatrician before giving fish to your little one.


Fruits are a very good source of minerals, vitamins, and many other micro-nutrients. Stop giving them a boring banana, papaya, or apple; and rather switch on to kiwi, pomegranate, or strawberries. For a change you can serve them fruits cut in different shapes for making eating fun for them.



Instead of milk, serve your tiny one with cheese as it is a good source of calcium. Your babies will surely love munching on cheese cubes but be careful about the quantity also. Ask your pediatrician before introducing cheese to your child.



Give your little ones a small bowl of yogurt in the hot summers for sure. To make this yogurt more delicious you can add some mashed fruits to it. Yogurt helps them in gaining resistance from the bacteria and also serves as a source of vitamins.


These were some oh-so-yummy & healthy food items for your baby to eat when they are between 8-10 months. If we get bored of eating the same food repetitively, then these little ones are sure to get bored as well. Add some new food items to their meals every now and then, and make meal time a fun activity for them. 

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