Spring season is officially here and I think, I am not the only one happy about the fact that freezing temperatures and limited daylight is behind us. Spring is the weather for picnics and open-toe shoes. As you are swapping your sweaters for sundresses and generally spring cleaning your wardrobe, make sure to dedicate some time to clean up and update your skincare routine as well. 

As the season changes, so do our skincare needs. During the harsh winters taking care of the skin especially face revolves around the fact that everything is excessively dry. We spend most of the time layering up our heaviest creams, serums, and oils and even then we emerge out of the winter with dry, cracked skin.

The question is then how do you make the transition to spring with healthy skin. Here are a few things that I do and would probably help you too to transition into spring with great looking skin. 


The cold, dry and harsh winter winds leave your skin dull and dry. Exfoliate away all the winter dryness using a mild exfoliator. This not only helps you shed old dead skin cells but also boost circulation and stimulate the production of new skin cells. Gentle scrubbing goes a long way in getting a fresh and radiant looking skin. However, keep in mind, not to over-exfoliate, just three times per week should be good enough.  To buy an awesome body cum face scrub Click here- mCaffeine Naked and Raw Body Scrub


The new season brings out the sun which can leave you at more of a risk of sun damage. These damages include burning to premature aging as well as increased risk of developing skin cancer. As the days get longer, it becomes even more essential to protect your skin from the sun. You might be using the sunscreen during the winters, but as spring comes, look for a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen, 30 or above. BUY HERE- LOTUS HERBAL SAFE SUNBLOCK CREAM-SPF30


Just because the temperature is increasing doesn’t mean that you need to put away your moisturizer. After all, your skin still needs hydration and care to stay healthy, especially because of the added sun exposure that spring brings with it. The key here is to swap out your heavy moisturizers with lighter, non-greasy ones that absorb quickly into the skin. BUY THIS AMAZING MOISTURIZER -CETAPHIL DAM DAILY ADVANCE ULTRA HYDRATING LOTION-30GM


Drinking eight glasses of water a day is a no brainer, but as it gets warmer and the sweat starts running, the risk of dehydration increases. Hydration starts from the inside out, so drink enough water and your skin will thank you for that. If you’re often finding yourself forgetting to drink water, consider investing in a cute water bottle (BUY THIS STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLE- MILTON VOGUE STAINLESS STEEL 750GMS) as well as keep a water reminder. When I am working I tend to forget to drink water and have an app to help me remind and believe me it really helps. 


The battle of keeping make up on in warm weather is all real. Wearing a heavy moisturizer will make you look and feel like you just dunked your face in a vat of grease. Would you like to look that way? Probably no, as said earlier switch to lighter moisturizer to help your skin breathe. Apart from this, make lighter makeup and BB creams your best friends in the warmer months if they aren’t already. 

These are a few tips that will help revamp your skin for the spring. Oh, I completely forgot, all beauty products have a shelf life which is mentioned on the back of the product with a symbol of a container with a lid off with a number on it. Check it and make sure you are using it within the specified time frame.

HAPPY SPRING :SCLAIMER: Please note that these are personal experiences and not professional advice.

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