Having a baby can seem like a huge decision and no doubt it is a trans-formative event. The second your bundle of joy takes its first breath, you are suddenly thrust-ed into a brand new role, specifically an unpaid 24/7/365 one. While parenthood can be one of the most amazing and rewarding times in your life, it is one of the major responsibilities that you need to prepare for. 

With that said, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is “when did you know that you are ready for a baby?” Being a mommy of two cuties, I am happy to share my answer.

For me, the initial decision to have a baby was clear, I always wanted to have children. I played with dolls and cooed every child that passed by me. After meeting my husband, I felt even more sure about starting a family sooner. We agreed to try for a baby after one year of our marriage due to career goals. We tried for 3 months and one morning I discovered I was pregnant and told my husband joyfully.     

While my decision to have a child was clear, but I was a bit afraid of what huge life-changing motherhood is and I faced ups and downs. 

Although there is no magic formula or the perfect time to decide when to have a baby, there are certainly times that are more right than others. 

Some women are born with the urge to have a baby while others ease into the idea more gradually. Here is a tick list for you to help decide that you are ready to have a baby.


If your partner gets angry and starts to make a swift exit whenever you bring up the subject of babies, it’s probably safe to assume he might not quite be ready for the tiny feet. However, if the two of you spend hours chatting about what it will be like when you have children, deciding on the names, what toys to buy and all sorts of things then you might be getting ready to start a family. 


All of a sudden, you notice babies everywhere. They are in the café you go to have lunch, waiting at the bus stop, at the grocery store, in the mall, parks and literally everywhere. Your internal sounds something like this: “Baby, ooh cute baby, another baby, little baby”. Interestingly enough, there is probably the same number of babies as there always were, it’s just you’re noticing them because you want one. I did this a lot, and it was surely one of the signs from the universe saying THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME.


There is a very brief period in a woman’s life when they love to see baby movies, while you might enjoy watching them anytime. However, binge-watching them is not what you normally do then it might be the clue that you are ready to have a baby. 


This is surely one of the most obvious thing to do, you ask your best friends about the baby thought and what was there baby sign. You go crazy asking every possible friends about the IF’S, WHEN’S, HOW’S AND WHAT’S. You get lot of answers from everyone, some might be positive and some negative; but just know that when its time your instinct will surely guide you and make the decision easier for you (TO TALK YOUR HEART OUT WITH THIS AMAZING ONE PLUS 7T (8GB RAM-256GB DISPLAY, FLUID AMOLED DISPLAY, 3800mAH Battery- Buy here))

The most important part is, you always daydream about telling your husband that you are pregnant and imagine that one of a lifetime reaction. That moment is just pure magic!!


DISCLAIMER: Please note that these are my personal experiences and not professional advice. 

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