To all the ladies, before you start frolicking and grinning, please stop there; as it can give you a lot of wrinkles and creases on your face. We all have a lot of stress and tension in our lives, and sometime we tend to forget the amount of negative effect it can cause on our skin. Grey hair, fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, eye bags, and there are zillion of other things that can affect you due to the stress.

Staying in stress makes our body respond in such a way that the hormonal imbalance can cause problems to your health. All these work, stress, and problems do not bother our health but also can take a toll on our skin in different ways. So, girlies let me begin with some of the ways in which stress can affect our skin.

Enhances the Oxidative Stress

During metabolism, our body produces some free radicals which are the toxic by-products. Rich foods such as vegetables and fruits can enable the body to remove free radicals. It is advised to eat these items to make your skin healthy. But whenever these free radicals increase in number, the oxidative stress can occur. It can lead to different types of health problems such as saggy skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.


Skin Barrier gets Compromised

According to medical science, skin is the first line of defense of the body. It protects the body against the toxins and allergens. Apart from this; it also deters the evaporation of essential oils and electrolytes from the skin. The stress can tamper with the skin which can make the skin dry and also cause wrinkles.


Releases Glycation

The secretion of glycation has been interlinked with ageing signs, since it increases the elasticity of the skin and makes it look older. This is the reason the experts ask to limit the sugar intake, so as to maintain the skin. Whenever we are stressed, our body needs a lot of energy for getting out of a stressful situation. For this, there is a release of the cortisol hormone. It negates the release of insulin and then leads to the releasing of sugar which leads to the ageing skin.


Shortens the Telomeres

Stress is a major cause of the decrease in size of the telomeres. However, a lot of scientists believe that shortened telomeres can cause thinning of the dermis which is the middle layer of the skin. There is also a decrease in collagen and elastic fibers which cause sagging and wrinkles.


How to Eliminate Ageing Signs Caused due to Stress?

There are few steps that should be followed necessarily to control stress which can cause ageing signs. Below I have discussed some of them.

  • Eat a diet that loves your skin. Why not begin with putting an end to your sugary foods and increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, etc. 
  • Use the stress busters for improving your circulation by meditating, working out, and doing yoga. These will help in managing stress very actively.
  • Start using herbal beauty products such as sunscreen, rose water, face masks, etc., for beautiful and glowy skin.


So girls, hustle and start doing things which keeps you stress-free. This is only going to help you look like the 20s even in your 40s.

DISCLAIMER- These are personal experiences and not in any way medical or professional advice.

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