You must have performed various challenging tasks in life, but becoming a mother is nothing compared to that. Being a mother is a daunting task, especially for first-time moms. Running after your little one for every little task will tire you out. Your child depends on you right from the day she was conceived. You are her comforter, caregiver, nurse, best friend, and the most important person in the whole world. Your little angel is so important to you that it’s hard to not feel the pressure. However, you need to be active to handle all that pressure with a smile.

When my little angel came into my arms I was overjoyed, but looking after her drained all my energy and sometimes, I am so tired that I lash out all my daily anger dozes on my husband. I talked to a few of my friends, who said that it’s the same story of every mom, but there are certain things you can do to be active and take care of your little bundle of joy without getting too tired. I took suggestion from many experienced mom and professional care givers and they suggested a few ways, which can kick out all the tiredness out of the motherhood balcony!

So here I am sharing those pointers with you and hope it helps you out too. Let’s get started.


Taking care of yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family. This includes taking care of your body, mind, feelings, and spirit. Most women including me are used to putting themselves on the last pointer of any priority list. We women are so focused on giving everything, without ever having a limit to think about ourselves or what’s it like to nurture ourselves. Being a mom is a roller coaster ride, but you have to take the time to care for yourself. This helps create a healthier and a stronger way of being, which allows you to take care of your child and other people in your life wholeheartedly and with full commitment.


Mothers are amazing at being able to unconditionally love their children. I have seen my mom and her mom taking care of all us and every other mother on the planet does the same thing. But do we unconditionally love ourselves?Well, I am sure most of we don’t!! I often had a critical voice in my mind, judging my efforts, putting myself down and criticizing myself for not being me anymore, getting irritated at little things and I think every mom goes through this. Silence that critic and increase positive self-talk in the same way as you would talk to a friend or your child. This helps you relax and energize you to tackle any situation.


Your little bundle of joy would need you in different ways across their lifespan. Baby needs you to be attentive at a moment’s notice to feed, change, and cuddle. As your little one moves into toddler-hood, childhood, and the teenage years, the needs change accordingly. Being available for your child is important, but so is having a little me time, chatting with friends, going date nights with your husband, hobbies, and other activities separate from your child.

Taking care of your children will take a lot from you, so it is important that you show yourself a little tender love and care. The above-mentioned points have helped me a lot in staying active and taking care of my baby and the family. The most important thing is to keep yourself physically healthy and also take some time away from your child, every once in a while to recharge your mind,emotions and body.

DISCLAIMER- These are personal experiences and not in any way medical or professional advice.

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