Parents, if you thought that diaper changing and midnight crying of your little one was the most challenging part of parenthood, then brace yourself for the high intensity impact; the nerve-wracking years of toddler-hood. They will scream, shout and throw everything they may get their hands on. Kids this age are undergoing developmental changes that make them act this way. They are learning to express themselves and get to know and explore different things. If things don’t go their way, they can become crabby and throw a huge tantrum. 

The other reasons that can put a damper on your little one’s mood are teething pain, exhaustion to bouts of cold and cough, and many more reasons. 

My little girl is very cheerful and always hugs and kisses me with a permanent smile on her face. I know this is such a nice feeling, but she does have her grumpy days. I figure out the “Dont mess with me” days as she doesn’t want to cuddle on those days and when I try to, she pushes me away. It’s those days I get a glimpse of what her teenage years are going to look like and believe me it scares the hell out of me! 

Every toddler at some point gets grumpy and cranky and there are few ways you can help calm them down. These tricks have and still work for me very well and hope the same is useful to you.


The key to calming a cranky toddler is that you need to be patient through the meltdown. This is because if you lose your patience, it can make the tantrum war worse. For your little bundle of joy, the world around them is constantly changing. They are fascinated and confused at the same time. The more they see, the more they want to touch, experience and communicate. When a situation is more complex than the scope of their vocabulary and understanding, they get frustrated. At this point, it is important to be calm and do not scold or punish them. Wait until your child stops crying and then ask what happened. Listen, explain how there behavior and situation was and then present a solution. 


When your little one demands another chocolate bar or anything else and is ready to throw a fuss, distract them. Toddler’s attention span is very less and this is of great advantage to you when they throw a tantrum. Distract them with a toy or show them something else. This technique is quite useful when you are traveling or out in the market. Breakdowns and tantrums in public can be an embarrassing situation.   

However, there are many very stubborn toddlers, and with them “Distract your child” tactics does not really work and they remember every little demands. So, with kids like these, “MAKE A DEAL” is the apt solution.


Once your child’s tantrum is over, sit with them and explain that if they again do this, they won’t be allowed to watch TV. When out for shopping, if they start crying for toys, tell them “you will leave the store” or actually just leave the store and observe your little one from a safe distance . I know this is quite a difficult thing to do, but in the long run; it helps control the child’s mood and allows you to hand on to your sanity. 

Remember that when your child gets overwhelmed with emotions, you don’t have to lose your calm. Do not take their tantrum personally. Be patient, talk to them, and provide a solution to their problem. 

DISCLAIMER- These are personal experiences and not in any way medical or professional advice.   

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