Urghhh!!! Pimples, blackheads, and blemishes are the enemies of every other person. We all try our best to make sure that our faces are clean and clear. This not only helps us look beautiful but also boosts our confidence. We all tend to forget that this breakouts on our face is not just a huge zit but a result of the allergic reactions, dirty pillows, dirty makeup brushes, and a lot of makeup. All of us often forget that our skin needs proper nourishment and care. This is why I am here for your rescue with some of the best tips for keeping your face clean and healthy.

Wash it out!

We become so lazy at times that we tend to skip washing our face during bed time. Can you imagine sleeping with tons of makeup on our faces? I have seen many people who do that and then they say that had a breakout. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your face with some of the best face washes which are appropriate for every skin type.

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Clean Pillow Case

Have you ever thought before that how much amount of dirt, makeup, oils and ofcource those night drools, you still have on your pillowcase? Many dermatologists say that acne mechanica is a type of acne which occurs as a result of the object which touches your face. If you do not wash your pillowcase regularly (minimum once a week), then there will be a formation of a zit of makeup and dirt from the environment. This dirt can be from your hair and skin which can often get transferred back to your skin. This may obstruct pores and cause dark spots.


Lessen the use of Moisturizer

Ahhh!! It is news for the moisturizer users that our skin produces some essential oils which can help you cut off the use of a moisturizer. So, stop or reduce the use of extra moisturizers so as to get rid of the old dead skin and clogged pores.


Swap your Old Makeup Brushes with New Ones

If you are planning to spend another year with your old makeup brushes then, I would suggest you stop that now. It is because your brushes will keep collecting dirt, oil and grease from the environment you live in. Therefore, it is suggested to clean the brushes with a makeup remover and also remove the makeup from face before sleeping.


Day and Night Skincare Routine

Many doctors say that our skin also needs a routine to be followed for keeping it healthy and radiant. Therefore, you need to follow night and daycare routine for proper nourishment of the skin. Make sure you go through proper drugstore products and find out the appropriate ones for you. Add toners, sunscreen, moisturizer, creams, and essential oils that are required to keep your skin radiant and glowing.

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Slurp Liquids

This is the most affordable and convenient procedure to follow. Yes, as the word slurp denotes the drinking sound, by which I mean that drink as much as liquids as you can. For example, make sure you drink 6-7 glasses of water, fruit juices, organic tea, and many more. They will make your skin look hydrated and save it from pimples.


Voila!!! These were some very important tips which you need to follow for making your face glow and look healthy. Hope you follow them and they work wonders for you.

DISCLAIMER: These are personal experiences and suggestions and are no way professional advice.

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