“I am freaking out”– this is what most of us think while making a career decision, career choice or career move. Our nerves are on the peek and we just cannot calm ourselves down. I mean i can speak for myself, my mind just runs in to a loop and whatever i am doing or wherever i go; it just runs and finds path which lands directly to that particular career decision again and again.

During my college placements, almost 14 years back the first company had just scheduled its interview. I had this empty feeling inside me! Completely in a zen mode almost silent, and was thinking ” what if i do not go through the interview ?”, ” what if they do not like my personality”? ” what if i don’t like the company’s culture and work?”. So many questions were creeping up inside my brain, making my nerves tense up and in turn making me less and less prepared to face the interview. And guess what i did not get through my first interview!!!!

I cried my eyes out, and that is when my father gave me these very empowering and solid life and career advice’s; which stayed with me forever. These enlightening points have changed my life and have taken me to the life of success and have uplifted my spirit in every career decision i have taken in my life.

Always believe that you are worth it..

In this hustle bustle of life, seeing so many people succeed in life and so much competition around; you often stop believing in your self. Specially if you are working in a corporate set up, you can see so much of gender bias happening around. You see how a male colleague of yours with same qualification and giving in same amount of effort as you are giving, is getting a higher paycheck.

Sure everyone has flaws and so do you, but understanding those flaws and working hard towards improving them is the best gift you can give yourself. In the process of doing so, you have to keep the confidence alive in yourself. You have to constantly remind yourself that you are absolutely worthy of the opportunity you have been given, and you are just doing your best. There is only one of you, and your skill and hard work is surely putting a lot of value to your job.

Fall and Rise

Falling is a part of your learning process. Everyone does mistakes, but what defines you is what you do with those mistakes and fallen pieces. Do you just let them scatter around or you collect the fallen pieces and try to fix the pieces in a more defined art form. Fall but rise like a phoenix !!!!

Always be very curious and learn. This will make you ahead of the game !!

Your Gut Instinct Is The Only One YOU TRUST

You just know, when the opportunity or a situation is not for you. But we tend to overthink and let all sort of logical explanations overrule those instincts. To top it all we get all sort of expert advice from the society, not that they mean anything bad; but its just that they talk from there experiences.

We all have that good angel and a devil sitting inside our brains and most of the time, the devil just shuts the good angels voice. You just need to recognize that thin voice and how will you do it ??? You will get that empty feeling , when something is not going your way and surely recognize that while making a big career move.

Hope these enlightening advice’s will help you make your next big career move. This women’s day, i just hope that every women in this planet gets the courage do to something kick ass and make there family proud!!!!

Love Love!!!! Twinkle like a star. Good Luck…..

DISCLAIMER: All suggestions are personal experiences and are no way professional advice.

Posted by:Chitrangada Das


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