Mom (Before dropping child to school)- Please follow these points. Listen to me, please beta do not forget!

  1. Please wash your hands at-least for 20 seconds.
  2. Please use the sanitizer (inside the bag) after washing your hands and before eating.
  3. Please sneeze and cough on the tissue (inside your bag) and throw the tissue away immediately inside a dustbin.
  4. If you do not have a tissue handy then just fold your elbow and sneeze on your shirt sleeves but hide your mouth at all times.
  5. Keep a little distance from the kids who are sick, or you can tell your madam that your friend is not feeling quite well.
  6. Do not touch or lick things around.
  7. Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth, nose and ears.

These are the points which i am trying to inculcate in to my kids brain, like any other moms around the world. I am narrating these rules in a nursery rhymes format, so that they can remember them. But do you think little kids (like playgroup and nursery) can understand 20 seconds hand washing, Not to touch face and sneeze on your sleeves concepts and follow them religiously ?

The new age “Ravan” in our society has captured our thoughts, fear and sanity. A fear devil called “COVID-19”. A flu which has originated from the “Wuhan” Sea food market has caused havoc on our planet earth, making the virus one of the most contagious one. The “Ravan” is communicating freely and is spreading its darkness by just touching, coughing and sneezing. So easy to set the devil free, isn’t it?

I am not here to post the COVID-19 effected data here, because i am sure everybody must have tons of research done on it and by now most of you are aware of the numbers ( COVID-19 DATA I am here to talk about a mom’s insecurity, and about what our society has become ?

Our society as a whole has become so cold-hearted, that we conveniently close our eyes and just show our back to incidents and circumstances; until the problem lands on our private space. Just like thousands and thousands of rape cases in India every year. What we actually do ? We become the “know it all” and upload a sympathy post on social media. Is this really enough, to be this casual ?

Wash hands for at-least 20 sec

This habit of our society has made me really think hard. COVID-19 is a major contagious decease and still people are just being casual here. Sure, i agree that life has to move on amidst a pandemic situation; and life never stops but there is a difference between ” taking precautions and moving on with life” and “just ignoring and moving on with life”.

Sanitize your hands

This casual attitude has made me scared as a mother. After the big “Wuhan” episode, all the airports in the world should have had proper airport screenings of flight landing from all over the world, but there was minimum to no screenings done on most Indian airports and hence these 43 positive cases ( as per 9-march-2020 data). This ignorance attitude has landed Iran and Italy in a lock-down state, but still the attitude and solution here is “BHAGWAN BHAROSE“, “POLITICAL BLAME GAMES” and “GAU-MUTRAS”. Only affected city Pre-Schools has been shut down, but what about the schools of neighboring cities and cities all over India ? How do we know, where has the virus reached ? How do we know, our kids are safe?

Every mom i have met recently had similar thoughts. The Idea here is definitely not to create panic, but to be anxious and cautious. Ignoring and waiting for the positive cases to go up and then take precaution, wont be of any good either. Self Care, Compassion and kindness is also the key need of the pandemic hour.

COVID-19 Safety AnthemBe cautious, Be Anxious, Dont Panic and Dont Ignore.

What are you moms teaching your kids about COVID -19 ? How are you creating awareness ?

DISCLAIMER: This article is a personal opinion and experience. Its not a professional advice of any kind.

Posted by:Chitrangada Das

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  1. I am sending my kid to school with a hand sanitizer inside there bag. But will she use it , I am not sure about it. Why don’t they close all schools especially when there are so many positive cases .

  2. I can totally relate to this. We as moms are always so careful , but how do we monitor other people especially in a big school.

  3. This is such a relatable blog. Especially the anthem is so useful. Thanks for sharing this

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