Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has sunk its claw deep into our society. The virus has spread from China to Europe to the other western countries. It seemed impossible for it to spread so soon and yet here we are, with losing schools, cinemas and limited access to public places. The coronavirus pandemic has mostly attacked the mental health of a person.

As a parent, it’s troublesome to see your child in worry. It’s a real challenge for the parents to stay strong on the outside. They need not only reassure themselves but also the children. As a mom, you can check for these symptoms and cure to restore the mental health of your child.


A child cannot always effectively communicate their fears verbally. Many kids don’t know they are suffering through some kind of anxiety but their behavior patterns should be sign enough. If you see these changes in your child then its best to sit with them and have a talk with them.

  1. Excessive amounts of crying and silence.
  2. Relapsing to older habits like bed wetting, etc.
  3. Unhealthy sleeping and eating patterns.
  4. Problems with disposing of bodily waste.
  5. Being extra clingy and possessive of the parent.
  6. Fear of being and staying alone.

How to reassure your child of safety?

When a child is in distress only his parents can reassure them. The children’s mind is like a sponge; it will accept and soak everything that we water.

These tips will help you help your child to cope with the fear and anxiety related to coronavirus. 

  1. An explanation- When we don’t know what is going on, the uncertainty causes assumptions which lead us to come to conclusions. The child can see an advertisement on the TV and get scared of the disease and its effects. For every child, its biggest fear is the loss of parents. Sit your child down and explain to them in a short clear way about the disease. Answer all of their questions honestly. Use a calm and comforting tone.
  2. Media exposure– Media can often be a trigger to unnecessary anxiety and fear. Limit your child’s exposure to the news being projected about the coronavirus. Don’t force them to not watch it completely, this will make them paranoid and again they will make assumptions. Let them watch it, just control the timings. 
  3. Sense of structure– Every child has a daily routine that they follow. In a pandemic lock down or outside limitation situation a child’s daily routine of school and playtime is highly impacted. The child should be encouraged to start living as they have always been by arranging and setting up homework routine , playtime routine , bathing, eating and digital exposure routine; so that they can get their sense of structure back. This structure helps greatly in buying back to a healthy mind frame.
  4. The role model– Be the person who your kid looks up to. Often the happiness and address of a parent are reflected in the behavior of a child. When a parent portrays a healthy routine of eating and sleeping and maintains a calm demeanor the child gets a sense that everything is under control.

These tips will help you make your child feel safe. Be the safety blanket of your kid in times of such distress. Also, educate them on how to stay safe.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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