Glowing skin is a real challenge in today’s day. By having an urban lifestyle we make sure to get ample junk and social life but how much do we care for our skin? Things get even more challenging when the everyday pollution and the fast pace of life catch up with us. We lose the glow around our face and then our skin looks dull and ashy.

We can always resort to skin care products but there are two hurdles with that as well. 1. Which product to buy? There are a plethora of brands with millions of products that promise a healthy and glowing skin. So which one and what will you buy? 2. Price. The self-care products are effective but the effect is gradual. By then we have invested thousands of rupees in it. 

All of us have that one ingredient that is a game-changer. It is free of cost and easily accessible. We know water is the ingredient but how do we use it go get a glowing skill? Read on to find out how can you use water to get a bright glow on your face. You will be ethereal!

Portrait of young pregnant model drinking fresh water with closed eyes after working out in living room interior.

Ways to use water for clear skin

  1. Consumption- Drinking water is the first remedy towards a healthy body. Water clears all the toxins and extra fat of the body through body waste. When we drink water, our body gets clean on the inside and this is reflected on the glow that is on the outside. Water also helps in clearing up acne and affected skin. You feel fresh as well as look fresh. But how much water should you drink? Depending on your body size and height you can find out the correct amount of water consumption for you. You can safely drink up to 3-4 liters a day.
  1. Coldwater- Coldwater or better yet ice cubes should be rubbed over the face first thing in the morning. When you rub ice cubes on your face it will reduce the puffiness around your eyes. All the tired signs of your eyes will vanish with the help of this trick. Another bonus is that because of the cold temperature of the ice, you tighten your skin and prevent fine lines and pores in your skin. If you don’t have ice cube, then cotton soaked in cold water will also do the trick.
  1. Rosewater- Rosewater is as effective on your skin as it smells amazing. It also lightens and removes the hair on the face over time. This magical water can be used to wash the face once or twice a week or use water ice cubes can be rubbed over the face. Add rose water to a mask and it will hydrate and nourish your skin greatly. Rosewater if added with turmeric, will work the same as bleach without any burning effects.

All of us are aware of the historic shows and the glow the queens and princesses had. What brand of skin care did they use? None. So step outside that store that sells skincare and go back to your best friend, i.e. water. You’ll see changes shortly and it will be noticed by others in 8 weeks.

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