I think every one of us will agree with me when I say that, remember that time when you made some plans but then couldn’t make it and gave an excuse about your absence? Why does this happen? Why do we forget anniversaries, birthdays, that reservation we had or a meeting presentation we had to go to? All of this happens because of poor time management skills. 

For time management what’s essential is that you make time for everything but you also remember what you had to make time for. Once you will follow the following tips and tricks, you will be able to make it to every plan you made and what’s better is that you will be the first one to arrive there!

Businessman holding an hour glass, signifies the importance of being on time

Tips and tricks to function better and manage time efficiently

  1. Planner and to-do list

There are weekly, yearly and monthly planners. You need to invest in a yearly planner. The yearly planner will have a financial summary, calendar as well a page dedicated solely for the day. Every plan that you make, no matter how far along than the present or if it’s going to happen in two hours, write it down. Make sure you write every single task in the planner. Whether it’s buying vegetables or flying to Italy, divide the tasks and write them for the days you wish to do it.

 Once you have a planner you don’t need to remember anything, the planner does it for you. Another pro tip is to buy a to-do list and every Sunday, sit and write in your to-do list all the weekly tasks in it and stick on a board. Even if you don’t open you planner, you can always cross-check the tasks in the to-do list.

  1. Slots

You have to pre-plan your day. For the days that you are working and following a routine, it’s better to plan a day. Sit with your planner right before you sleep and number all of the tasks. The tasks need to be numbered according to the priority of submission. While numbering also make sure you give slots to each task, for example, 3 pm-9 pm is study time. When you will get into the habit of this, if you will be free for some time you’ll immediately gravitate towards your planner to see if you are missing some task or not.

  1. Motivation

It’s very hard to motivate yourself to finish all the tasks on your to-do list. It’s very easy to just sit around and do nothing. Hence, always have a buffer. For example after the completion of each task, you will watch a show for 10 minutes. Or after completion of two boring and mundane tasks give yourself some reading time. You can also divide your tasks such that one is menial and tiring and other is something you love doing. When you will have incentive to finish a task, you will always be motivated to finish it.

There’s no greater pleasure than checking the checkbox of your to-do list and planners. Once you will accept this lifestyle, doing tasks will be so much more fun.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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