Today’s kids always want to watch TV just 5 minutes more and resists going to the bed by just 5 minutes less. When kids are young, parents understand that their TV time should be quite limited and the bedtime should be strictly followed. The bedtime and TV times are fixed because it helps children regulate a routine as well as it helps them in their personal growth. 

But does screaming and shouting work with kids? No. then how will you ever convince the children to go sleep and stop watching the TV. It is also necessary to regulate the shows that the kids watch on TV these days. Here are some ideas to have a smooth conversation with the kids to set them in to a schedule.

Kids wake up, stretch, brushing teeth doing gymnastics, toilet, dressing up eat breakfast play cat, cube toys.

How to set the TV and bedtime schedule?

  1. Imitation and modeling-

Every kid always wants to do what his role model is doing, i.e. the parents. The kids are always too eager to grow up soon. They follow everything that a grown-up does. Hence parents themselves must assure the kids that they watch as much TV as the kids and wear their PJs as well and go to bed. But parents cannot follow the same disciple as the kids. Hence, one method could be to tuck the kids in and lounge in the PJs and watch TV in your room as a parent. So if you want to set a routine for the kids, you will also have to follow it.

  • Story time-

Nothing attracts kids more than story time. To have a story time means for the kids to bond and spend some quality time with their parents. Kids will automatically ask themselves to be sent to bed. The story works as an incentive and also assures kids of the love and care their parents have for them. When they grow up, this will be a memory for them.

  • Token TV time-

When a child is asked to watch the TV for a while and wants to watch more then have a token system for them. For all the good behaviors that they project assign them a token. For example: a sticker in the shape of the star. They can exchange these stars for some more time for more TV time. This will make them feel like they are grown-ups who can make decisions. They will have a feeling that they control their TV time. It will also make them responsible for their actions as well as helps in installing good behavior in their mind. 

  • Sunday Funday

On Sundays, let them also unwind and watch TV for as long as they want. They can even go to bed an hour late on Sundays. In this one hour, it can be dedicated to family time and you can spend the hours playing games and having conversations.

Having an open conversation and letting the child make the decisions only brings the parents closer to their child. The child trusts that their parents believe in him and hence they act with great responsibility. 

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