Every parenting style is adopted by the parents to ensure the safety, security, and life of their child. Though often parents see other parents treating their child in a manner different from theirs and wonder if what they are doing is correct. Sometimes we see that punishment offers positive behavioral changes in the child whereas the loving nurturance of a parent brings forth a disobedient child. 

Yet, all of this is just the surface. We fail to see that the child who is behaving well is doing so out of fear and they don’t have any opinion of their own. The child who seems disobedient is just independent and can make decisions well. So what is the correct method for raising a child?

Here are the narrowed down parenting styles and their effects on their children. Read on to find out the best parenting style!

Four parenting styles

  1. Authoritarian- This style of parenting is wherein punishment and control are sought after more than love and care. The parents instill a method wherein the child is given affection as a reward for good behavior. This kind of parenting style leads to a closed communication. The parent orders the child and the child obeys. Yes, it may seem like you are training the child to perform better in life but this is simply not the case.
Mother, father and a little child

A child raised like this will be timid and they will have an external locus of identity. Children will always be afraid and will not be able to form opinions of their own. They will also not be able to decide for themselves and in the future, they will seek a partner who is controlling.

  1. Permissive- This style has a method wherein parents focus more on love and less on control. But it’s also possible that the child simply can get spoilt due to this. Having no control and disciplinary measures means that the child will never get a direction to indicate the good behaviors. The child’s needs will feel the love and warmth but also they will be lost.
  1. Uninvolved- Out of all four, this is the worst type of parenting style. The parents are uninvolved and children are left to fend for themselves. The child will grow up always seeking validation from outside sources as well as project delinquent behavior. They will always crave attention and hence they will go to extreme lengths at all stages of life to get attention from strangers.
  1. Authoritative- This parenting style has both control and love. Emphasis is given to both. The child is also corrected when they do wrong but also accepted unconditionally for who they are. The children grow up to be far better when this parenting style is equipped.

When it comes to parenting style, it’s to each their own is the motto. Yet, the authoritative style has been rated best for now. Give your child some direction in life but also make them independent. They shouldn’t seek validation externally. A child needs unconditional love, acceptance, and nurture. 

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