When parents take their children to a restaurant or journey with them through public transport, they are bound to misbehave and cause a ruckus. Often parents get irritated with this and some even get embarrassed because of this. But no matter what you do, they never listen. 

The more you try to discipline them the more they shout and scream. Some parents brace through it bravely and give the child an earful after reaching home. Others accept it as their destiny and apologize to the other guests without kids. 

As a child, it is difficult for them to grasp the social conventions. No matter what we do, it’s not the child’s fault. The child never learns the social concept but it’s imperative that you teach your child the social conventions. Try the following methods and maybe this time your child won’t cry and crib during an outing and on a ride.

Methods to teach the child a social concept

  1. Encourage questions

Every parent talks with the child before going to any place with people. The child sits down and listens to the instructions given by the parents. But, the only mistake is that parents don’t encourage the children to ask questions.

It’s only through asking questions that a child understands why a certain behavior is expected of them. Giving answers such as ‘because it’s what good boys or girls do’ is not enough answer. The child could especially rebel. The honest answers such as ‘that’s how we behave because it is pleasant behavior’ will make things much more clear in their mind.

  1. Same age conundrum

When a child is taken to a setting of an adults get together, they get bored. They seek the attention of the parents. When parents are busy catching up with their loved ones, the kids feel left out and they retaliate by causing a scene.

In such a scenario you have three options. First, include the child in the conversations and ask for their inputs as well. Second, let them play in the kid zone with other kids. Third, give them a toy or something that they love to do. A color book would be a good idea. 

  1. Never hurt a child’s self-ego

No matter how old a human is, they all have their ego and personality. When you shout at a child in front of others they feel betrayed and sad. Their self-image gets hurt. The situation worsens when your neighboring mother praises the behavior of her child. Talk to them sweetly and if worse comes to worst, just give them some attention or a toy that they love.

  1. Role model- Finally, a child always looks up to their parents. The way you will hold yourself, your mini-me will also want to copy the same. Be the person they look up to. Behave the same way you would expect your kid to behave so.

Open communication and some hacks will surely make you the parents that can handle their kid efficiently in such social situations. People might just ask you what your superpower is.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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