Makeup is something that every woman invests in. Whether the collection is small or big it needs to be organized. The classic way to store it is by putting it on the bathroom sink. But is that any way to organize the makeup? We need not invest the amount of money in storage equivalent to the investment done in makeup. Storing it on the bathroom sink is just an invitation to collect the dust. 

When we have guests over even they won’t be impressed with the makeup littered everywhere. How then can you store the makeup well? Follow the following steps and you can access your makeup easily as well as add more to the collection without worrying about the storage.How to organize makeup products-1

Organizing makeup Vanity

Vanities are the best way to store makeup. You can get it in various shapes and design. Always make sure to buy a big vanity. Even if you have a small collection of makeup, buy a big vanity. This will save you from buying new vanities with every trip you take to a makeup store.

Vanities have many compartments. Make sure to assign each compartment for something. For example, the elongated rectangular compartment can be for brushes. The biggest compartment can be for your eye shadows. You can even assign the makeup according to the steps of makeup application.

If you use the primer first, then place it in the bottom shelf. If you use the highlighter at the end then keep it on the top shelf. This is an easy way to store your makeup while applying it. The makeup vanity can be closed from bottom to top with the completion of every step of your regular makeup routine.

Customized drawers

If you are a beauty blogger or just someone who is a fan of makeup then get a customized storage. The mirror-cupboard that our Barbies had in childhood will be your real-life storage. Have drawers and mirrors attached together. So that you can apply your makeup as well as store them. You should always buy mini baskets. These mini baskets can be kept in the drawers.

If you just lay your makeup casually in the drawer, it will roll from here to there. Hence, these baskets will make sure that your makeup stays in place. Buy one basket for one type of makeup. The baskets should also fit in the drawer in a way that it wastes no extra space. 

Go for the basic baskets of regular shapes. You can have a fancy and aesthetic basket wherein you keep your everyday makeup supplies. Keep this basket near on the top desk and near the mirror. This process will ensure you won’t have to navigate through all the drawers and basket to find your usual makeup products.

Storing makeup is like going through a huge labyrinth of process. The makeup stored can also still get dusty. Make sure to clean your storage space from time to time. Also, once a compartment is assigned to something, don’t just randomly throw things. Or else every weekend you will be left sorting through makeup. Stick with a system that suits you best.

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