When we step outside in the sun, we get that healthy sun kissed skin. We also get our major supplement of vitamin D from the sun. In times such as this wherein, we have to stay at home, we are in lack of some sunlight.

Lack of sunlight causes a depressed mood as well as our skin returns to its pale pallor. The easiest solution is to sit in a tanning booth but we can’t go outside for that as well. Then what to do? There are some home foods and techniques into getting that vitamin D in your body.


As long as you follow some of these guidelines you will maintain the tan glow on your body.

  1. Fish

Fishes are considered as the best food to consume when you need some vitamin D in your body. The fishes such as herring, salmon, cod, etc are rich in such vitamins. So don’t feel guilty to cheat on that diet as you are doing it for the greater good of your body and skin.

  • Food items-

For people who are vegetarians, you cannot consume fish. Then try to eat foods like mushrooms, oranges, and even eggs. Add these in your daily snacks and meals to maintain the vitamin D in your body.

  • A little sneak peek

Nothing is as effective as the sun to get vitamin D. So open that window and let the sunlight stream in. Sit near the window or peek your head out for a fresh breath of air. This will also make you feel good mentally as well as give you the sun exposure you need. You can also click some pictures in the glowing sun with your beautiful and supple-looking skin.

  • Supplements

For people who severely lack vitamin D, try some supplements. These supplements will help to get the right amount of vitamin in your body and you will also not have to go out for a walk in the sun. These supplements though shouldn’t be taken in excess. So maintain your dose according to the recommended dose or according to what your doctor says.

  • UV lamp

A UV lamp as the name suggests has UV rays in it. It works the same as a tanning booth. These UV rays can be concentrated in one area and you can expose your limb under this lamp. This will make sure that your body is getting both tanned as well as in retaining vitamin D. If you already have it in your house then you know about it or else you can order it online. 

  • Cod liver oil

The fish has a substance that is rich in vitamin D. Consuming fish for some isn’t the ideal way to eat. Some people don’t like the smell or taste of it. Then there are cod liver oil supplement available in the market that you can take.

In times like these, it’s important to stay in the home but also the vitamin D is necessary for your body. Follow these hacks and see the sheen of glow on your skin.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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