As all of us have accepted our fates and submitted to the curfew in our respective cities for our safety, we are to work from home. The biggest challenge of working from home is to maintain productivity. It is so easy to open your phone and scroll through it for hours. It is also a lot more fun to watch the television. The real-life reward is playing with your child and not the work you do.

Yet, all of us are tied into the system of our concrete world that we must earn to have our keep. Unless we turn to the forest for our shelter, we have to stick to the deadlines and even provide quality work. When one works from home, they are assigned more work at random times with shorter deadlines. Then how do we keep our focus?

Ladies and gents are happy because the answer is makeup. Here are all the reasons as to why applying makeup will keep you motivated to work.

makeup and home

Benefits of applying makeup to increase productivity

The psychology-

When we apply makeup, we are tricking our brains into believing that we are going out. Simply looking put together will simulate the same feelings in you when you will go out to work. Applying makeup that you apply every day to the office will help you more to get into the routine. Once you look in the mirror and see yourself look the same as an everyday office 9-5 then you will automatically and subconsciously get into the mood of working.

The feel-good look good motto-

When you look good, you are automatically filled with happy hormones. Looking good also ignites extra confidence in you. You would feel so positive, fresh and in the zone that you would automatically look forward to working. It also doesn’t hurt to look good for the conference video call you will have. And since you are at home and at ease, you are more likely to get extra time to apply makeup more perfect than every day. Makeup is the charm that will not make you feel like a slob.

The bright lipstick-

Lipstick is the one makeup part that will help to tie in your whole look together. Lipsticks are also said to boost confidence and helps you slip into the role of a working woman or working man. The bright lipstick will help you in dividing your two personalities no matter whether you are at home or in the office. It is this lipstick that when you will see in the reflection of your laptop, will stop you from procrastinating. After all, nobody applies their best lipstick to scroll through the phone.

The more you experiment, the better you will feel. Take out the brightest eye shadow and the darkest lipstick and have fun with your looks it’s this fun that will motivate you to work. Your mind will make the connection between the joy you feel while applying the makeup and the work you do after applying it.

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