Staying at home in COVID-19 outbreak situation is inevitable. For your safety, some lucky people can still work from home. Yet, it isn’t as fun as it looks. Who wouldn’t want to chill and relax at home? Who wouldn’t want to spend some quality time with family and friends? With Netflix having a feature wherein 2-4 people can stream movies together from a single Netflix account, just seals the deal and nobody can really focus on work. The internet and news also don’t help in such a scenario. where most of the time information on outbreak is everywhere and this actually takes away your concentration as you want to know more about the current pandemic situation. If you are a mom working from home, then your life will pretty much turn around with kids making a mess around and asking for your attention all the time. Here are few tips that will help you to stay productive while you are working from home.

Dressing up

When you dress up, you get the sense of beginning of a new day. It’s easier to feel lazy at home, when you are wearing your comfortable pajamas. The real way to feel active is to wear active wear or your regular office clothes. The clothes may seem over the top for home and even slightly uncomfortable, but it will help you to stay focused. It’s all about tricking the mind. There’s no better day than today to wear that favorite top you were saving for some special occasion. You can attend your video conference call in your best stylish AVATAR, this will not only motivate you but will also give you that kick to go finish your job!

To-do list

When you work in an office, you always have a to-do list. The to-do list will have all the tasks of the day listed. The major need for a to-do list isn’t to write down the work, but to put a check against it after completion of each task. The satisfaction you will get after cross-checking of the completed task is just out of this world. Oh a quick tip- try and start the hardest task in the beginning of the day when you are the most energetic, then you can just sit-back chill and do the least tough task through out the day otherwise you will end up procrastinating the hard job.

Tips to stay productive from home

Don’t move from the desk

When you are at your desk, don’t use your phone and don’t allow yourself to get tangled up in the household work. The desk is your workplace, hence treat it like one. The desk should not have any food or cluttering on it. Don’t even stream anything on your phone on the desk. No work should be done anywhere but on the desk. The mind will link the desk and productivity.

Rewards and incentive

What’s a work without rewards and incentives? After the completion of your whole day’s work treat yourself to do something you always wanted to do. Rewards can be face-timing a friend, spending time with family, playing a game with the kids, streaming a movie with your boyfriend, etc. Rewards will motivate you and you will look forward to start a fresh working day.


Set a ritual for yourself. Don’t start working in bed right after you wake up. Get up, get dressed, have breakfast, check your mails, spend some me time and then start to work. When you will be in the habit of following this ritual, your mind will tick off each task of the routine one by one. You will automatically feel like working, when that’s what is next on the list.

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Working from home is both rewarding and tiring at the same time. Try to divide yourself into a work person and a home person. Engage in work in working hours and then spend the best time with your family at home.  Productivity is all in your mind, once you believe that you can give the best shot and give in your 100% to your job, that’s when you work marvelously and deliver your best work possible.

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