Every parent on this planet at some time or other felt that they are a failure as a parent. Parents beat themselves up unnecessarily and incessantly for something they did or didn’t do to their child. The parents mostly feel bad when they forget to prepare their kid’s favorite meal or when they are a little late to pick up their kid from the classes ad even when they are stuck at work and feel like they are neglecting the kid.

In reality and hindsight, these things don’t matter. If you won’t cry about the same thing after 10 years down the line then don’t cry over it right now. The parents do fail and it’s because you as a parent are human. It’s only human to fail and you are teaching your child the realities of life and not setting them up as a failure.

Parenting failures

Are the failures of parents’ failures?

Work moms

The biggest nightmare for a mother is to balance the work and family time. The working mom especially when she is a new mom feels guilty to work at all. They feel that if they won’t be with the child at all times, they will raise a child that feels neglected. But, let me tell you something, the quantity doesn’t matter, the quality does! For a child, when you share a laugh with them in the morning and tell them a bedtime story, they feel loved and cherished. Kids who have working parents are independent, mature and also learn to be career-oriented and have a direction in life just like their parents.

Did that meeting hold you long?

Your child could have a schedule wherein you pick them up every day at some time from schools to come home. At times, they have to wait for the parent because they are late due to a meeting or some work commitment gone too long. The parents feel terrible but ask yourself did you attend that piano recital? Did you go see their play? Were you there to collect their result? You were always there to cheer your kids and be with them in their achievements and their downs. This is what matters to a kid.

Never want to go out

The parents don’t wish to go outside and rescue their social life after the birth of their child. The kid though wouldn’t mind it if you went out. You can tuck them in the bed and then go out. You can have dinner with them and then celebrate your friend’s birthday. You can play a game with them and then go for a date night. These are the things that are important to a child.

No matter what, you will always miss something or the other. Never lose sleep over it. If you feel terrible for leaving your kid alone or yelling at them then spend some time with them. A child doesn’t want for anything more than their parents love. 

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