The quarantine time is the perfect time to enjoy with your kids and bond better with them. But, kids always want to paint the walls, roll in the mud and dance around the house. All you want is to finish your office work stuff and have some “Me time”. It gets pretty crazy managing work, household chores and your always bored kids during this Lock down period.

When you don’t let the child go out of the house to play considering there safety, they are bound to get bored. They will also not enjoy your work schedule. So what can you do together? After all how much will you sleep, work, eat and watch TV? Here are few activities, which you can try doing with your child and this sure will make your life a little easier.

Activities for mommy and child

  1. Dancing- Play the music loud and put on your crazy dance costumes. You can even lounge in your sweats. Dance to the beat of the music and come up with crazy moves. Your kid will feel energetic and even bond better with you. The dancing will make them tired and they won’t feel bored. They will even go to bed at their bedtime because they will get tired after the dance exercise routine.
  1. Disney movie– Your child has always wanted to have a vacation and watch late-night movies with you. You can build a fort in your living room. Make popcorn together and bring out the ice cream. Watch many Disney movies together snuggled up. It will be the coziest time spent with your child. Oh!!! yes and have some restrictions on the ice-creams, make sure your child does not binge eat.
mom and child can enjoy
  1. Baking- The child always wants to duplicate what the parents do. They cannot wait to get old. Bake with them. Don’t let them go near the fire and electrical appliances. But they can sprinkle toppings and do the icing. Involve some glitter and they will no longer want to paint the walls and ruin it.
  1. Painting- Take a paper and crayons. Sit at the table with your child. Paint, draw and sketch whatever your child wants. This will ultimately help in bonding time and they will feel creative. Stick the drawings on the fridge and arrange it neatly. Your kid will feel rewarded and feel loved.
  1. Reading- There is nothing more fun than reading side by side in silence. This is the time to inculcate the habit of reading in your child. You can both lie in bed and read your respective books (this is for kids who can independently read). If the kid gets bored and wants your attention you can even read to your child. Reading to them doesn’t always mean reading the kid’s stories. If you read them a page of your book they will feel more involved in your life and they will feel like they are growing up as well.
  1. Playing quiz- Right now the best thing is to solve puzzle. Take one puzzle a day and you and your child can make one puzzle every day. The puzzle-solving is both rewarding and it takes a lot of time so you will spend hours doing it.

Count the quarantine as a blessing and spend all the time you can with your child. Stay safe and this time will pass soon and there will be a bright sunny day welcoming us with hope and joy.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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