Raising millennial is a lot different than raising the 90’s kids. The kids these days are more aware and influenced by TV, the internet and video games. Kids have almost forgotten the joy of playing outside as well as running around a bicycle. The biggest problem with raising a millennial is also their sensitivity. 

As their exposure to the internet is out of control, their self-esteem suffers. Girls get anxious about their diet and look when they should be playing tea parties or race the cars. The boys get anxious and they want to be the “cool kid”. Internal bullying has also increased. So how to raise a millennial and rise above all the challenges? Read on to find out!

Challenges and solutions for raising a millennial kid

The biggest problem with raising a millennial is also their sensitivity
  • TV, internet and house arrest

The children these days are glued to television and they surf the internet. Rather than finding answers in a good book or going outside to play with friends, they are busy spoiling their vision in front of a screen. The internet is filled with stuff that is unfiltered for a child. They raise many questions of which they don’t need any answer right now.

Parents wish to encourage their child to go outside and play and quit the controller of the video game. How to do so? Introduce them to games and people. It’s not the children’s fault entirely. The parents are sometimes too busy to take them to the garden to play. They themselves invest in a video controller game that they think their child will love but they don’t watch around for its usage.

The parents can buy those puzzles and games rather than visual stimulation. Control their exposure to TV by setting up a strict TV schedule. As long as possible, don’t let them use the internet. Introduce them to a good book that they can reach out to rather than surfing the internet. Once a week, a trip to the library is a good start. Having a picnic with them twice a month will help them connect with nature.

  • Bullying and mental health

Earlier, to modify or instill a habit, the parents would talk to the kids and if they didn’t listen, force them to obey. With the kids being more aware and sensitive to the harsh remarks, parents sometimes have to walk on eggshells. Many children have weekly appointments with a therapist at least once a week from a very young age.

Even if you control the exposure of the world’s and internet’s negativity, the other children might be aware of them and hence resort to bullying. The need to “be cool” and “negligible” towards everything is becoming the upcoming trend of the attitude of the millennial. 

In such instances, conversation is the key. Explain to your child the difference between social validation and self-validation. Explain to them the key methods to avoid and not get affected by the social validation. Reading also helps them a lot. Reading about strong characters who have risen above the societal norms and expectations will help and work as a motivation for them.

Raising Millennial is no cakewalk, parents will have to walk in the shoes of their children and treat them as a friendly yet strict figure. 

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