When your favorite brand launches a line of foundations or concealers, you want to be the first who can grab these. The excitement increases when a new brand comes out in the market. Some foundations and concealers are boujee whereas others are drugstores, yet the process of picking out your shade is the same for both no matter what brand. 

The foundation and concealer is the base of your look. If you pick a concealer or foundation that is a tone lighter or darker with undertone pigments that don’t mesh with your skin, then your skin may look ashy and yellow. To prevent the dull look, follow these tips to pick the correct foundation and concealer for you. 

Tips to choose the correct foundation and concealer for you:

Before buying foundation

For finding the perfect shade of foundation, you need to first do some homework yourself. Don’t worry; it’s only a one-time thing. First, exfoliate and wash your face. This will help you to find the undertone of your skin effectively without any hindrance due to dead skin cells or tanning. The foundations are divided into three categories- warm, cold and neutral. You need to first see under which category you fall under.

This is easily done by examining your veins. If your veins are more blue-green then you are a warm tone, if it is more blue-purple then you have a cold tone and if it’s neutral, then you fall under the neutral tone. Deciding your skin tone is the first step. Wearing a white cloth will help you defining this more easily.


Many of us make the mistake of swatching a foundation on our hands. The underside of our hand is a shade lighter than our face and the outer side a shade or two darker than the face. This is why you end up with a foundation that suits your hand but never your face. Before you buy a foundation, swatch it on your face, neck, and collarbones. If the shade resembles the color of your skin then you know this foundation is for you.


Buy a concealer 2 or 3 shades lighter than your foundation. If you are on the pale side of the spectrum, then buy the lightest shade available. This is necessary to highlight the under-eye area as well as cover the dark circles. The concealer should be a full proof concealer. It should offer full coverage.

Color corrector

If you are an expert, you would want to color correct some pigments on your skin. Here’s a quick guide to finding the color corrector that suits your skin. Lavender will neutralize the yellow skin tone. Yellow color corrector will deal with purple bruises and scars. Greens will counterattack the redness of the skin as well as acne and pimple. Pink will cast out the blue tones on a pale skin. Orange will counteract the blue or ashy skin tones found in darker skins.

With these steps, also ensure that you are buying a foundation and concealer made up of good ingredients that don’t harm your skin as well as offer desired coverage.

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