In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need extensions and mascara to make our lashes look long and thick. Wouldn’t it be nice to have lashes that are so long and thick that when you blink they touch your cheeks? Imagine never having to carry mascara in your bag at all times for touch up. 

I remember my modeling days when I struggled to apply fake lashes. The lashes then had to be placed perfectly following by drying of them. Removing your lashes is another task and pain. And no matter how smart we are, we can never hold onto our lashes. Somehow I always ended up with just one lash or none.

We often forget that our lashes need hydration and moisture too. For them to grow and look luscious, you can follow these tips and expect shocking results quickly.

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Tips to have long and thick lashes:

Petroleum jelly

This routine can be followed every night. Wash your lashes with warm water. Dry them with a cloth. Apply petroleum jelly to your lashes with a Q-tip. The petroleum jelly should be applied to both your upper and lower lashes. Be aware; apply the product that is safe and approved by FDA. Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. Applying an unsafe product can cause many side effects. When you will follow this routine before bed every day, you will have longer and thicker lashes in weeks.

Long and Thick lashes

Olive oil and coconut oil

These oils are known to stimulate the growth of lashes as well as moisturize your skin. These oils can be applied individually or both mixed together. Take a Q-tip and dip it into the oil. Apply it on your lashes and let it stay for 5-8 minutes. Rinse it with water. If you follow this routine for 1-2 weeks every day then you will easily notice the difference. For best results, apply oil to your eyelids as well as under your eye. A pro tip, don’t apply oil on the days you are planning to apply eye makeup as the oil will cause the mascara to run and smear.

Egg pack

Egg is very rich in proteins that will stimulate the growth of your lashes. Eggs also have vitamin B and biotin in them which is good for your lashes. The egg will not only stimulate growth but also improve the texture of your skin around the eye and lashes.

For preparing the pack, beat an egg and add 1 tablespoon of glycerin into it. Beat until you get a thick and creamy textured paste. Take a cotton swab and rub the pack all over your eyes. Keep it for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Try this trick 3 times a week for a few months and you will see an overall change in your lashes and the skin around your eyes.

Go on and chuck those fake lashes out. Try these tricks and get the lashes that will fan your cheeks with every blink. Go on girl; take the world with your blink!!

Posted by:Swati Rai

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