When women become mothers they struggle with maintaining their life and dedicating time for their children. Being a mother changes you mentally as well as physically. Taking care of your child is indeed both a very huge responsibility as well as very rewarding. Yet, women shouldn’t forget that before being a mother they have a self that needs to be nourished and taken care of.

Read the tips if you can relate to a situation, wherein you wanted to read your favorite book but your child was crying. Or, when you planned a girl’s night out but your child was hungry and needed your attention the whole night. These tips will help you to be a mom along with retaining your free spirit and your individuality.

Tips for mom to have self-care and me-time:

Schedule your child’s time with yours

From many generations, it is always advised that mothers should get sleep, when the child is sleeping. It’s difficult for mothers to schedule their sleeping habits according to the child always, since they have tones of chores and professional commitments to cater to. Hence, women should come up with a routine schedule. Divide and schedule your tasks in away, that you can finish all your chores while say, your child is playing his favorite game or drawing is favorite character. While you are working you can simultaneously do your skincare. Multitask for sure and the next time you put your child to bed, talk to your friends and finish that chapter that you always wanted to.

Ask for help

As a mother, it’s important to understand that taking care of the child isn’t a one-man job. You and your partner can alternatively take turns to care for the child, especially in the night time. If you can afford it, the hiring extra help will certainly make life easier for you. Drop the children off at their grandparents on the weekend and go for a date night with your partner and rekindle the lost romance.

Ask for help

Go out and about

Getting cooped up at the home isn’t a feeling you ever want to associate yourself with. Put your baby in the stroller and go for a walk with them. This will be a good bonding time for you and the little one and also a time for you to get some fresh air. When the child is tired from the stroll, they will surely doze off to dream land; resulting in you getting some me-time.

Wake up before your child does

Most of your work will be done successfully, if you have a habit of waking up before your child does. If you wish to take a hot long bath then get up an hour early and go for it. You can even watch some shows or read some books and go out for a run in the morning, before your baby wakes up.

Being a mother is a big challenge that will give you rewards for the rest of your life. Being a mother isn’t a temporary job and hence with these tips, you can easily maintain your previous life as a free soul while embracing the mom life.

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