I think every mother will relate when I say that playing repetitive games with your child will get boring for them soon. As parents, we are always looking for new ways to spend time with our children. Yet, the only things we can do are go out, watch TV, play games and read to them. But aren’t movie nights getting a little too mundane? 

Don’t you wish to do something creative with your child that will teach them something new as well as improve their gross motor skills? When your child is being creative they feel more productive as well as they bond well with you. And as most of the world is in a lockdown, we now need some DIY activities that will make the children lean towards staying at home.

Doing these DIY tricks with your child will help you to bond with them, pass time and learn something new. Even if the DIY fails, it’s a funny memory you will always cherish. Read on to find some of these ideas and maybe they are apt for you and your kid.

DIY’s to be done with your child:

Tie-dye your closet

It’s so cute when the parents match their outfits with their kids. If you are one of ‘those moms’ then, this DIY is perfect for you. Take a pair of loungewear from you and your child’s closet; DIY them to have a tie-dye effect. The DIY isn’t meticulous and the messy it is, the better it will look. So do everything together in your cute matching outfits.


If you have a daughter, then make her some jewelry from the beads and buttons in the house. Your little girl can choose the design, shape, and materials to be used for jewelry. You will surely make a mess with the glue, but it will glue you and your darling daughter forever. The most famous jewelry among young girls is the button ring.


Glitter sunglasses

Every child is obsessed with shiny and bright things. Take a pair of sunglasses and add some rhinestones to it. They can be of multicolor or just one color. You can add glitter or sequence as well. Whenever your child is in a bling mood, a more shiny bling will be reflected in their DIY glitter sunglasses as well. It will make them look like rock stars.

Plastic helicopter

Waste out of best is what all the parents have done while growing up. Take waste products like a plastic straw and bottle and make a helicopter out of it. There are many things that can be made from waste and this will get your child’s creative juices flowing and also he will understand the meaning of recycling and resusing. You can display it in your house and the child will feel proud of their creativity.

After doing these activities, you will feel much closer to your child. Your heart will warm up and melt, when they smile after finishing a DIY project. It also projects that no matter what, you will always support them as well as encourage them to always do their best.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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