Children’s attention span isn’t as developed as an adult. They move on from one shiny bling to another squeaky thing in a matter of minutes. You will lack things to show and give them to keep the kids occupied, yet they will always outrun you. 

The age of your baby is irrelevant; they will always run behind you trying to find out new ways to be entertained. They don’t have any 9-5 to keep them busy. Their playtime will tire them eventually but they will need many stimulants and activities to make their playtime fun.

What can you do then? You can’t keep them occupied by exposing them to TV and computer as its unhealthy for them and their eyesight. The radiation will harm their adorable little self. Here are some activities that you can do to keep your toddler or baby occupied.

Things to do to keep your child amused:

Treasure hunt-

A treasure hunt will easily keep them busy for half a day. The treasure hunt clues should be easy but also such that it requires time to mull over. This game has many positive effects on the child’s brain as well. The child will improve their motor skills, creativity, memory, and physical strength by running around the house. The prize can be a new toy or their favorite chocolate.

Creating cartoon

Give the child crayons and paper, they will make squiggly lines for 10 minutes and tire. Give them a paper and pencil, ask them to make their cartoon and they will be kept busy for the majority of the day. They will continue this habit for weeks. Always praise your child for every creation they make as it will boost their confidence and it will motivate and encourage them to create more cartoons.

Let them help you

Children always crave to do an adult’s task. Take them with you to the kitchen and ask them to help you. They can help you to gather ingredients from the fridge. They can also help read out the recipe for you and this will encourage them to read more in the future. They can help you fold their tiny clothes. This will also teach them to be more independent in life. They can also help you in making a very fancy and creative to-do list to be stuck around the house or your office.

Exercise, yoga, and meditation

Exercise, yoga, and meditation

Exercise is the most essential task for the health of your body. Take a yoga mat with you and work out with them. Practicing yoga and meditation with them will teach them to breathe properly which will promote a healthy growth of their internal organs. This will be fun for the kids now and later, this will benefit their body to stay fit and healthy. Moms can also sneak some workout time like this.

Take your child away from their playpen, TV, and toys. These activities with them will help them to bond with you as well as develop their mental and physical strength. 

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