Wearing makeup is fun and bold. It’s all about the techniques & art of a person and also it portrays there personality. The makeup instantly enhances your look and makes you confident in a fraction of seconds. Girls with glasses either ignore eye makeup because they think the glasses will cover there eyes,or they think they wont look smart at all and get discouraged to continue highlighting the eyes.

The Need of Concealer

The eyes are considered as the soul of a person and the bigger and brighter they are, the better they will look. So don’t replace glasses with lenses or forsake them entirely, the glasses are a beautiful adornment of someone’s personality. Some of the basic tips for girls with glasses are to never skip concealer and pressed powder.

Most girls think that the glasses cover their eyes and hence the need for concealer is eliminated, but that isn’t the case. The glasses form shadows under the eyes and without concealer, they will look darker and duller. This will make the eyes look tired and swollen. The pressed powder helps the foundation to stick to your skin rather than collecting in your glasses.

Liner and waterline

When you apply a liner, choose a color that is lighter than your glasses. If you choose a color similar to your glasses then it will not stand out. Dip into your collection of liners and experiment with the crazy and fun colors and you will stand out in your unique style. 

As for the waterline, many Hollywood makeup artists recommend using a white or beige colored liner on the waterline. This gives the illusion that the eyes are bigger and it also highlights the color of your eyes. Clear your waterline with a Q-tip before applying the liner for a longer and smudge-proof stay.

Lighter and glittery shades

For your looks, the more neutral and glittery eye shadows you use, the brighter and lighter your eyes will look. For people with glasses, their eye color will pop if they apply lighter and brighter shades than the boring browns. The glasses will make you stay on the current trend of the bright looks and this will make you have fun with your looks as well. The glitter should be applied in the middle of the lid for your lids to shine and glow in the sun.

Eye friendly shadows

Girls who have colored eyes can make them noticeable by applying shadows that are in contrast with their eye colors. This will ensure that your eyes shine even when you have the protective cover of glasses. The eye shadows for blue and green eyes can be chosen from a warm palette. For darker eyes, use the eye shadow on the colder side of the palette.

No more ditching glasses or replacing them with lenses that irritate the eyes. Apply your makeup with confidence and these tips will help you to ensure that you have your A-game on when it comes to eye shadows and eye looks.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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