For the longest time, I have been shying away from lipsticks. If I have to go out, I wear a lip balm or clear gloss. If on some occasion, I wish to wear a lipstick, I wear a nude or baby pink shade. Wearing bold lipsticks has always made me feel out of place. I used to think that wearing a red lip or a bold color on my lip is too much.

A place or event never seemed worthy enough of wearing something so bright, bold and attractive. But, these days we see women wearing bold lipsticks to lunches, offices and even while meeting a friend. Then why can they wear it but you and I shy away from it?

I followed the following tricks and hacks and learned to embrace the attraction that comes with wearing a bold lip. If you are just like me and want to cross the river to that side, then read on and also follow these tips.

Tips to be confident while wearing a bold lipstick:

Start with simple shades

Some women shy away from lipstick altogether and their best friend is a clear gloss. It can be quite intimidating then to apply a bright and bold shade. Start with applying any lipstick. Pick any color that you feel most confident and comfortable in and then build-up to the bolder shades.

Keep the rest of the look basic

When you will have a bold eye, a heavy base, and a bright lipstick, you will feel as if you have applied too much makeup. It could lead you to remove the lipstick. The rest of your look should be kept simple and elegant for your lipstick to pop and be the statement of your look. A dash of mascara, some blush, and highlighter on top of a light base should be good to go.

Mind over matter

When you are going out for a simple lunch or a quick meeting, wear a bold lip. Don’t let your mind convince you to remove it. If it makes it easier, after applying the lipstick don’t stare at the mirror. Go out of the house and when you will hear compliments from others, you will feel more encouraged and confident the next time you wear a bold lip.

Lip liners and prepping your lips

Bold lipsticks tend to smudge and go out of your lip line and this could be quite embarrassing. It could also discourage you to apply the lipstick the next time you go out. Take the lip liner of the same shade as your lipstick and line your lips. This will prevent the lipstick from going outside your lip line. You can also prep your lips with a lip balm to avoid the lipstick from setting in the lip cracks.

Along with these tips, also make sure to pick the right shade for you. Reserve the purple and brown shades for a colder weather and remove bright pinks and oranges for the summer season. And when in doubt, always stick to red.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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