All of us have those days where our eyes look puffy, red and small. You could have stayed up all night to party with your friends or to finish that presentation you have the next day. Nevertheless, you don’t want people to notice the sleep-deprived look of our eyes. Some makeup and non-makeup tricks and hacks will help you to make your eyes appear bigger. And hey, even on a normal day it doesn’t hurt to have big doll eyes right? Read on to find out some tips to make your eyes look more open, big and welcoming.

Tips to make your eyes appear bigger:

Ice and cucumber-

Applying ice and cucumber on your eyes is a secret trick. Rub your eyes with an ice cube each. Then, take the cucumber slices and place them on your closed lids for 15-20 minutes. This will instantly relax you and de-puff your eyes. With the puffiness gone, your eyes will look bigger.

Concealer is your best friend-

Don’t have dark circles around your eyes when you want your eyes to look bright and big. Take a color corrector and get rid of those dark circles. Then use a concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. This will highlight the under-eye area. The concealer should always be set with a powder so that it doesn’t crease or flake during the day.


You want your eyes to look bright and big

When your lashes will be long, thick and curled they will give the illusion of bigger eyes. Take an eyelash curler and curl your eyes. Next, take lengthening and thickening mascara and apply it on your lashes. If you want to up your game then apply some fake lashes. 

Avoid using black liner for waterline-

When you use a black liner for your waterline, it makes your eyes look more closed. For making your eyes bigger, try a nude shade liner. When you apply beige or cream liner on your waterline, it will make the eyes pop and stand out.

Makeup hacks-

You must contour your crease. For contouring, take a brown shade darker than your skin tone and sweep it through the lids. Contouring your crease will give you an instant lift. Furthermore, highlight your brow bone and inner eye near your tear ducts. This is the perfect combo for the highlight-contour of your eyes. 

And, never forget the magic of a liner. When you apply a liner that thickens around the corner of the lids, applied in an upward slightly diagonal motion, it will change the shape of your eye. 

Get your eyebrows-

Don’t underestimate the power of a styled brow. Think about how your face looked with messy brows and how it looks after you got your brows done. The brows frame your eyes. When you shape them, it will instantly make the eyes bigger and prettier.

Don’t hide behind big glasses while going out. Try these tricks and get instant results for bigger and brighter eyes. After all, we know that the eyes are the door to your soul and you don’t want to shun anyone out.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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