We have heard and read that happiness is a state of mind and not something you can achieve nor is it a destination to reach. That being said, there are many books and movies for making people happier. There are some habits that people follow to maintain their peace and calm and attain a state of constant happiness.

Reading a book or watching a movie will help you after sitting through it for hours. Here, I will share 5 things to do that will better your lifestyle and help you stay in a happy state. So read on if you want to be happy every day.



Exercise is the first step towards changing your life. When you look and feel better on the outside it will reflect on your insides and vice versa. When you workout, serotonin, and dopamine are released in your brain i.e. the happy hormones. Staying in a healthy and fit shape will make you feel more productive in general. Productivity reduces passivity in your life and makes you feel fulfilled. If you are unable to exercise, especially if you are new mom then constantly be on your feet. Staying active with your kids, doing household chores, or even just walking with your infant will make your life better and you will feel much more active and content.

Do a good deed

Surround yourself with love and kindness and reflect it. When you will give someone the energy of kindness and love they will only reciprocate the same for you. When you do a good deed it not only helps you to give back to the society but it makes you happy. Doing good deeds is inherent for your state of mind. Do something good today for someone and experience a sense of fulfillment. 

Be grateful

We are often unhappy because we aren’t grateful for the things we have. We always desire more. More money, more vacation, a better job profile, more love and more rest. But, stop for a moment and think about the things that you currently have. Make a list of the things you are truly grateful for. When you will see a big list, you will realize the time you wasted on cribbing in ” more want”. For being grateful every day, list 10 things before you sleep or after you wake up that you are grateful for today. This will change your perspective towards life. You can also do a grateful meditation, wherein during the meditation when you are on your alpha state you just thank source/god for all the wonderful things in your life. Trust me; this helps a lot, it will surely change your perspective towards life. You will also be able to forgive people and forget the situation due to which you have got hurt.

Have some me-time

We are so busy being someone’s boss, daughter, father, sister, uncle, etc that we forget that the first relation we have with someone is ourselves. Take an hour every day from your schedule and have some me-time. Do the things that make you happy in this hour. Paint, sing, dance, read, etc in this one hour and don’t allow any disturbances from anyone or anything. Especially if you are a mom then this is a must for you. You are constantly over burdened by responsibilities of children, husband, family members that you often forget about your own needs. It is ok to voice out your own choices and take out some personal time, rewind and relax without feeling guilty.

Dress up

Dress up every day to look your best. Wear your favorite outfit even if you are lounging around the house. When you will dress up you will instantly feel more confident and positive. This will help you stay productive as well as have a good mental state. Get out of your Pajamas today and wear your newest clothes because there is no better day than today for wearing a special outfit.

Only you can make yourself joyful and happy. Never depend on others for your state of mind. Follow these tips every day and it will make you a more thoughtful and kind person with lots of zeal, confidence, self -worth and joy.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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