Having a toddler means they are at the stage of “terrible twos”. You can’t put them to sleep and work and neither will they be pacified with a toy and TV. The trick with toddlers is to always keep them busy and keep giving them ample attention.

But, when you are running late for a meeting, this can’t always happen. Sometimes you want to rush while the baby is awake and some moms are new to parenting and need a schedule to get ready while taking care of their toddler.

Here are some of the ways that you can entertain your toddler who has an attention span of a goldfish as well as get ready and be a girl boss.

Tips and schedule for getting ready with a toddler:

The night time is precious

When you know you have a toddler to take care of, make sure you are prepared in the night. All the things such as readying the outfit, makeup and packing the bag should be done in the night. This will lessen the burden for the morning.

Get up early-

As an early mom alarm clock is your best friend. Get up an hour early before the toddler does. This will give you ample time to shower. Shower is the most stressful routine to follow with a toddler. You can easily get ready while looking after your kids. Also, finish some work and home tasks before the child wakes up. If you have extra time, then sip that cup of coffee while reading the newspaper.

Shower routine-

If you are running late or your toddler is up before you can shower; include them in your shower. Let them play with toys outside the shower room. This way you can also keep an eye on your child. You can place them in a playpen in front of the TV so they have two options to keep entertained. Keep the playpen near your eyesight.

Mother feeding her little baby

A high chair and playing with food-

Children make a big mess while eating. But they stubbornly want to eat by themselves. You can have breakfast together or let the child eat while you finish up other tasks around the house. Clean the kitchen and dining room at last. If you are late, then clean up your kitchen and dining table as well as bathe your toddler in the sink. Get them dressed and simultaneously you can get dressed as well.

Do it in the car-

some tasks such as applying basic makeup or organizing your purse can be done in your car. While there are signals, or before starting the car, organize these things in peace. You can also drink your coffee from a to-go cup. 

Having a toddler and getting ready aren’t easy tasks. Yet, once the routine is set you will get the hang of it. If you get ready every day following the same schedule then both you and your toddler will get used to it and it will be simple and easy.

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