While applying makeup, I always wonder why my makeup looks so matte and dull. When you see a celebrity, their body glows and looks fresh and dewy. Even if you buy the high-end products that they use for makeup, somewhere you still lack that luster. Why so? I finally found the trick to glow and shine like a celebrity and I will share it with you today.

Tips to have a glowing skin:


I didn’t know how important moisturizing was for a glowing skin. When you will apply moisturizer daily to your body, it will be hydrated and not look dry and ashy. But the secret skincare product is a gel-based moisturizer. When you apply a gel-based moisturizer, your skin will feel non-sticky but it will glow as if you have applied some expensive body oil. So the next time you make a trip for buying skincare, always include a gel-based moisturizer for face and body.

Face oil-

Now this ingredient is the game-changer. First, you will apply moisturizer and sunscreen; let it sit in your skin for a while. Before priming your face, apply face oil. You can even skip primer if you want a very glowing skin. Then apply the face oil and start applying your foundation and base makeup. You will notice that your skin has sheen and it is glowing.

Face Oil

Serum and body oils-

Celebrities are notoriously known for applying beauty products for a glowing skin effect, it doesn’t glow naturally. They apply body oils that have a little tint and glitter. This hides any blemishes and scars as well as adds a glow to the arms and legs so it shines in the presence of light. Serums are also applied from head to toe if you don’t have any tinted body oils. Pro tip: Always buy a serum that is non-sticky and non-fragrant.


There are many highlighters available in the market. The most sold product in the makeup industry is the highlighter. There are liquid body and face highlighters. They are thick in texture and only a few drops will go a long way. These are essentially highlighters and hence it will make your skin sparkle. And when you apply the powdered highlighter on top, you will shine like an absolute diamond.

Coconut oil-

Coconut oil is used by many celebrities daily. They include this in their daily night or day skincare routine. The best part about the oil is that it’s available readily, cost-effective and smells incredible. When you will apply coconut oil regularly, you will notice a change in your skin. It will look clean, clear and glowing.

Along with these tips, your diet and mental health matters too. When you will include water in your diet regularly, your body will be clean on the inside and hence your skin on the outside will be clean, clear and glowing as well. And when you are happy on the inside, the glow will make your eyes and skin sparkle on the outside.

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