If you surf the internet, YouTube, and Instagram as much as I do then you would have noticed the current trend in makeup, i.e. the e-girl makeup. The e-girl makeup is the makeup influenced by the e-girls who look stunning with their makeup. Their makeup has a lot of pink colors and vibrant glitter. 

The makeup routine to look like an e-girl is a little different and trust me, I have tried it; it looks stunning and adorable. Their makeup is subtle. The makeup style is for everyday looks or if you want to have fun with your looks. The makeup looks beautiful if you pop on a vibrant colored wig.

E-girl makeup routine:

Base –

Before applying your base, you have to apply face oil. The face oil will make your skin look glowing and dewy. The ideal makeup routine is to make your skin look dewy like the e-girl. The next step after face oil will be foundation, skip the primer and moisturizer.

Concealer and translucent powder –

The concealer has to be applied thick around your eyes. The eyes have to be flawless and without any dark circles. Following this, the next step will be the translucent powder. Apply it with a cotton pad everywhere. The e-girl makeup doesn’t have the routine for baking. They apply the power simply to set the base. Remember, the goal is to have a dewy skin so don’t have a matte finished base.

Eye Shadow

Blush –

The most important part of the e-girl makeup routine is the blush. Apply the blush heavily on your cheekbones and nose. The tip of your nose needs to look really pink. The term for it is “sick-ly look”. The blush should be applied higher on your cheekbones rather than on the cheeks. Sweep the remaining blush of your brush on your temples and chin. Take any other colored blush and apply it as an eye shadow. 

Highlighter –

Apply a powdered highlighter on your cheekbones above your blush. Also, apply it on your tear ducts and on the brow bone.

 Fake freckles –

Freckles were never considered as a part of the beauty regime. But the highlight of the e-girl makeup is the fake freckles. The fake freckles should be applied on the nose and cheeks. The freckles are closer and darker near your nose and let it fan out near the cheeks. The fake freckles can be made with brown eyeliner or you will also find products in the market to create fake freckles. After you apply the freckles with the eyeliner, smudge it a little for a natural effect. 

A colorful wig-

The wig that you choose has to be a popping color. Colors like turquoise, pink, orange or a fiery red should be your selections for the wig. These wigs will make your makeup look finish!

Try the e-girl makeup next time when you are going out on a date or for meeting a friend. Anytime you want to look girly and adorable, the e-girl makeup is your go-to look.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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