The best way to look at a date is to be you. But, there is no harm in dressing up and applying makeup to look your best. You are going out with your man and you want to remind him how dazzling and stunning you are. He needs to remember why he is so lucky to have you.

Amongst all the anticipation for the date and dealing with nerves and butterflies, it’s easy to forget who the real you is and either go overboard or end up looking like you are going to lounge around the house. You don’t want to go in sweats and no-makeup look to a fancy hotel but it’s equally embarrassing to go out and dress up fancy with heavy makeup to a movie date. So where do you draw the line?

Follow some tips I will give you today and you can achieve the perfect makeup look for your date. Make him fall to his knees by serving some looks.

Makeup tips for a date:

Surprise date-

Men copy Hollywood and want to take their women out for a surprise date to someplace special. Sometimes it’s a park to stargaze or the best restaurant in town. But have you noticed that the women always have the perfect look for all and any occasion? Sadly, real-life doesn’t come with a script. And it freaks us, women, out when a guy says, be ready I’ll pick you up. I have the perfect solution for this. Try the “medium mixture”. Go for a bold lip but subtle eyes. Or, go for a bold eye and subtle lips. It will help you look appropriate no matter the place. And for the safe side, always carry some makeup in your purse; you know just in case.

The goal is to make your skin look healthy

The base-

Before applying makeup, make sure that your base is okay. Moisturize, prime, pluck and conceal all the extra hair and blemishes. If you wish to go for the no-makeup makeup look then prep your skin with some peel-off masks, exfoliating product and apply a BB cream for making a light base. The goal is to make your skin look healthy, supple and glowing. And your inner glow of love will make the glow easier to shine through.


Blush is essential for your makeup. You want to look adorable and drunk in love. You can apply blush to enhance your cheeks and even contour them subtly. The bush will give you a flushed and shy look. The blush will make it seem that you are blushing in the presence of your partner.

Look you-

Don’t get overwhelmed with your nerves and go for a look that isn’t you. Your partner likes you for who you are and portraying a personality opposite of yours may make you seem under confident and a person that you aren’t.

Make your makeup look bold. The key is to look confident and happy. And remember, the smile is your best look and feature, wear it the entire night. 

Posted by:Swati Rai

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