The coronavirus has all of us in lockdown in the safety of our homes. Yet, the lockdown is making people itch to finally go out. Many are stressing over the coronavirus and the lockdown ramifications and hence this article is something you can look forward to.

I have listed all the places that we can visit after the pandemic is history. Even if the pandemic is over, we still need to be cautious and safe for the near future. The places to visit that I have listed are both safe and yet it will make you feel like a part of a functioning world. 

When you will go out to these places, you will once again be excited to dress up and get out of your PJs. And if nothing, we can get a little de-stressed after reading this article and visualize socializing again.

Where can you go after coronavirus is over?


You, I and the whole world will want to go out but the safety comes first. Take your family out for the restaurant near your house. You will feel the outside world as well as stay safe from any risks. It will also help you if you don’t want to go out of the house but also remain close to the house. I know I am bored of eating at home and I am sure so are you, so imagine the delicious food and the fine company.

Road trip-

 A road trip with the people who you know are safe from the coronavirus symptoms is a lot safer and more fun than any other activity. Take a road trip and visit a spa or a hotel as a gateway. The location of the destination can be nearby your city. It can be a relaxing getaway where you can burst some music in the car and go for walks among nature. 

Travel via your own car

Domestic trips-

The domestic trips can be taken with your friends. This trip will help you unwind and you can enjoy the new delicacies and luxuries of the new location. The trip will also help you to catch up with your friends and it can be safer than traveling internationally. The domestic travel should be via a car wherein you can once again play cheesy games in the car. Play, dance, drink and have fun with your buddies again and after all, the virus being dead is a reason to celebrate.


Are you dying to feel the sun on your face? Yes, me too. A picnic is a perfect way to go out and enjoy but also lay low while precaution is still a priority. The picnic will also release the kids from their bondage in the home and watching them play will be a definite bonus in your life.

For now, it’s important to stay home and stay safe. Don’t stress and believe that soon this will be a virus of the history. Have fun and catch up with your friends and family by playing games online and board games.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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